A Guide to Effective Online Article Marketing!

Online Article Marketing

If one is engaging in any type of content marketing which includes blogs, articles, social media posts, press releases, web pages and many more, there is a defined content marketing strategy behind it. Increased sales, brand awareness and customer retention are some of the top listed marketing goals for any organization.

Online article marketing can help a content writing company in a number of ways, which includes the following:

  • It improves visibility for target specified keywords
  • Assistance in building brand awareness and increase in its reputation
  • It helps in attracting incoming links to one’s site
  • Increase in targeted traffic from related sites
  • It helps in making a website more unique and useful for its readers or visitors

Online article marketing can certainly help your blog and article writing service providers reign in their domain. Some of the effective tips for ensuring effective online article marketing are mentioned below:

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1. Writing Useful and Unique Content:

Articles that are unique and contain more useful information for its readers and visitors certainly increases the rank in Google SERPs. Writing a summary for every article and placing it in the right order in the website, where the visitors can see them clearly is an effective way to build up the article marketing for any content writing company.

2. Content that is easily shareable across Social Media Platforms:

This can be done by announcing the articles on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. An easy way is to add social network buttons at the side or end of the article, so that if people like the article, they can just click on the like button. This helps in gaining advertisement and popularity among social media sites, which certainly gets humongous exposure.

3. Catering to Article Submission Services:

Article submission services are the necessary tools that are required to give articles far more exposure than it would normally receive. These article submission services generally contain a URL address that sends those readers that have been captivated by the website that hosts the original article. This is how it is conducive to the people who submit their articles. It increases the internet traffic on their website. This helps it gain far more exposure which means increasing the probability of people who are interested to view it.

4. Use of Keywords:

Usage of keywords in an article is only effective if the keywords are exactly those words that customers have been looking for. Evaluating defined keywords on Google AdWords Keyword tool is recommended for every marketer to increase his or her sales. A certain thing should be kept in mind while framing keywords, for example - Someone searching for 'windows' could be looking for information, the software or to buy replacement windows. However, someone looking for 'cheap Windows' is more likely to be interested in buying.

Easy Navigation on the Website:

The first and foremost rule for every marketer in this field of online article marketing is that one should always give the user the right to easily navigate in his/her desired website to quickly find what they are searching for.

‘The fewer the clicks, the more likely the sale’.

It has been surveyed that most people read from left to right and from top to bottom (like the letter Z). So featuring tabs for main landing pages in a horizontal navigation or menu bar at the top of each page, with subcategories listed underneath is a refined way to get sales up.

Effective online article marketing is one of the main criteria for any content writing company to shoot its sales and increase ranks in Google SERPs. If the above-mentioned steps are diligently followed, one can rise in this big world of digitization of article marketing. 

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