A Guide to Content Distribution Strategy - Increase Your Brand Image

content distribution strategy

Content distribution is a process with which you can distribute your write-ups and reach a larger target audience and is considered one of the effective content marketing strategies. Proper content distribution strategy will not only help you reach your target audience but also increase your brand image.

Why content?

Content marketing 2019 is one of the effective tools for digital marketing. It helps your potential customer to find your business without any hassle, which increases acceptance and preference and improve your brand image. 

The distribution can be of three types –

1. Earned

Earned distributions signify that your content is being used by other individuals to share on their preferable channels with their followers. This also increases your brand value and business recognition, and you are also able to reach a larger target audience.

2. Paid

You can also invest money to boost your write-up. The rate of such paid distributions depends on the channel you use and the preference. You can also post your content on sites of other individuals to reach their followers with the help of paid distributions.

3. Owned

Such types of distribution are controlled solely by you. For example, any posts that you share on your business website will be considered as owned distributions.

Discussed below is a guide that will help you understand the content distribution strategy better.

Types of content

There are various types of content, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Social media post writing
  • Article
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
  • Email newsletters
  • Press release
  • Quora (question and answers platforms)
  • Advertisements

Once you know the type of content, you can choose any of the content distribution platforms to promote your content.

Steps to build a content distribution strategy

Follow the steps given below to create an effective content distribution strategy:

Step 1: Analyse your target audience based on the category of products and target age group. Choosing the wrong target audience can reduce the performance rate of your product.

Step 2: Audit content if any write-up is already published. You may have any content already published on any of the digital marketing platforms. Check your content map and analyse the performance of your material and also identify content gaps if any.

Step 3: Check on the content that you are about to publish. Evaluate the content based on quantity, quality and research.

Step 4: Choose your channel for distribution such as website, social media, advertisements, etc.

Step 5: Decide the type of content you want to publish, such as webpages, articles, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Step 6: Set the goal you want to achieve from content promotion and frame your content accordingly and provide all the required information. Also, make sure that your content is interesting enough to engage your customers. Besides, your content should be framed in a way that it would create a need in your prospective customer for your products or services to change them into consumers.

Step 7: Publish the content on the desired platform.

Step 8: After your write-up is live, analyse and measure the performance of your content and check the results regularly.

Why are content distribution strategies important?

Content distribution strategy helps in branding your products and:

  • Boost the impact of your content
  • Helps your content writing team to work in collaboration towards your goal
  • Assists you in deciding a benchmark based on which you can analyse the performance of your distribution with ease.

After you have chalked out your strategy, you can select the distribution channel depending on the type of content and your target audience. For instance, for a customer around the age of 25, the preferable distribution channel can be Facebook or YouTube, whereas for a professional above the age of 40 the preferable channel can be LinkedIn.

To frame content, you can hire a content marketing agency to understand the required type of content and frame them in ways to reach a large target audience and to churn in profits.

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