Fun Outdoor Activities to Try While in Utah

Fun Outdoor Activities to Try While in Utah

Regardless of if you want the perfect powder for skiing, amazing trails for biking, or picturesque waters for sailing, Utah delivers. If you are planning a trip to this state in the near future, make sure you are ready. Create your list of fun and exciting outdoor activities to try, now. Some ideas to get you started can be found here.

Raft Down Cataract Canyon  

If you are searching for things to do in Utah, rafting should definitely be on your list. In Canyonlands National Park, you will find Cataract Canyon where you can participate in an epic white-water rafting adventure. However, make sure you plan ahead, as the trip down the 100 miles of the Colorado river will take approximately five days and you’ll come out at the Glen Canyon national recreation area. Regardless of if you are visiting during a time of high water (which is anything over 30,000 cubic feet per second) or later in the summer with lower flows, the rapids such as Big Drops I, II, and III, along with Satan’s Gut are going to be challenging for even the most experienced captains. Be sure to take part in the camping along the river, too, as this is all part of the unique experience offered.

Visit Zion National Park to Hike to Angels Landing

If you want to see one of the most amazing views that the state has to offer, then hiking up to Angels Landing in Zion National Park is a must. To get to this point, you can use the West Rim Trail for approximately two miles. After that, you will find access to the trail leading up to Angels Landing, which is about half of a mile long.

If you are afraid of heights, this hike isn’t one you will enjoy. On the final stretch to reach your destination, you will be hiking along a very narrow spine of rock that is lined with a 30-meter drop on both sides. While there is some work required to arrive, it is well worth it in the end.

Attend the Greatest Show on Earth

You only need a single run on the famous powder of Utah to fully grasp why it is referred to as “the Greatest Show on Earth.” The fluffy, light snow will typically come in by way of a “dump” that is measured in feet, instead of inches. If you ski, you’ll find there is nothing quite light floating through your turns.

In some years, there is plenty of snow to ski on the Fourth of July. Due to the amazing experience it offers, people travel from around the world to snowboard and ski at one of the 14 resorts or the many miles of backcountry in Utah. Keep in mind, several of the resorts in Utah hosted snowboard and ski events during the Winter Olympics in 2002.

Go Fly Fishing

Have you ever heard the saying, “trout live in beautiful places?” If so, you have probably fished a day or two in your life. Put simply, this means that even when the fishing isn’t great, the trip will still be more than worth the scenery. This is something that is more than true when visiting the Gorge Dam, found in the region of north-eastern Utah. Here, you’ll find fly fishers hoping to catch big trout – and more than a few of them.

However, make sure you come prepared, the entire fishing adventure may be somewhat frustrating if the trout don’t bite because you are going to see countless fish through the crystal clear waters. To make sure you have the best chance of a catch, consider hiring a guide.  

If you have plans to travel to Utah, make sure you visit some of the amazing places on this list. You won’t regret the amazing experience you have exploring the wilder side of this state. It will also be a trip that you won’t soon forget.

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