Five Tips To Protect Your Foot Massager

foot massage

Ever wondered what you would do without motion? Probably no, and the majority of us cannot imagine a day without them. Many of us take our foot for granted and don’t even feel the need of pampering them. Our feet work so hard for us every day. We almost cannot count the duration spent them. To give them some rest time, the least we can do them is to provide them with a proper massage that will enhance the blood circulation through them and make our muscles relax and strain free. While going to beauty salon and spas can be costly, but home massagers save you money, and it can be done at any time of the day or night.

Good foot massagers are a bliss and soothe our feet like nothing. But they also require constant maintenance and care in return for durability and better functioning process. There are many types of foot massagers, and the manual is sufficient for some while other opt for electrical massagers. Though there is a little care needed for the handbook massager but the electrical ones, require special protection.

Below are listed some five tips to protect your foot massagers:

Examine your device:

Know your massagers before you begin to use. This precaution itself is a type of protection for your foot massager. Check for its parts and appropriate in the case of pressing the wrong ones can lead the device to malfunction. For the foot massagers that involve the pedals make sure to put your feet on it in the correct angle. Make sure that a single person uses the peddler's massager at a time. For this, spare a quick read at the manual carefully.

Choosing the Right Speed:

There exist some foot massagers which involves kneading. The point to be remain cautioned about is the rate at which you set the massagers. For the beginners, it is advisable to keep it slow usually 10-12 cycles per second, but it may vary to massagers. To maintain the rate steady, use it on the flat floor. Positive scraping and anti-scratching points should be kept in safe mode. Activate and deactivate your mode according to the need and your liking but avoid going on the highest modes frequently

Clean it well:

Like every appliance, foot massagers must be cleaned from time to time. The pads on which we put our feet must be removed and scrubbed well with the gentle laundry liquid.  Airbags which are found in pulsant air bag leg massagers, if they are detachable must be washed too. While cleaning them also make sure that the water doesn’t get into built-in chips and sensors.

Be Slow with Infrared and heat massager:

These new massagers can be a little complex to work with as they combine heat, vibration, and magnetism to give the user a rounded feel. Toggling it to higher limits has reported in some minor burns and device getting malfunctioned for the time being.

Wood Rollers:

They work best with many as the pressure and strength that needs to be applied on foot is managed by the individual himself. It is unanimously have been said as the best foot massager.  They are portable and cheap to use among all. Apparently, they do not require any such protection from the end user but still wood being sensitive to water and termites must be kept away from them.


To conclude, we have to protect every equipment which we are using in our daily life either it can be foot massager or anything. However, you can protect your foot massager easily with the five tips that are mentioned above.

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