Five Relationship Tips You Would Leave for Your Children

Five Relationship Tips You Would Leave for Your Children

The relationship is a style to keep two people together, and a name given to it. While love and trust are the two basic requirements of any relationship, there are various names given to it. Husband-wife, sisters, brothers, in-laws, son, daughter, cousins, teacher, friends are some examples of what you call a relationship. But there is some basic phenomenon of how you should maintain a relationship; in fact, it usually comes.  When you bring your children on earth, you leave behind some legacy that is followed by them.  Let's discuss some tips you would probably go for your kids as advice.

The relationship is like a kite:  Have you ever observed a kite? You let it go, let it fly high and see, it will come to you. While flying high, the string is still in your hand. The same goes for relationships. While the control is in your hand, give the person full freedom and let her go high up. But never let the power go off your hands. Freedom ensures trust, and when you want, you can pull the string of faith, and be confident it won't break off. 

Please don't force it, let it come naturally:  A relationship that would last a lifetime will come naturally; you need not force it. When you meet a person and start feeling that something is not working, don't push or be proactive for that to work. Every relationship is made in heaven but materialize on earth. True love will get back to you in time; never try hard to acquire it; that's not worth it. 

Be faithful to your partner, and she will:  The main thread to any relationship is trust and truthfulness. There is no place for any lies, deception, and infidelity. Love the person from your heart, and she will love you back- that's the golden rule. For a woman, like the man of your life, and ensure his care for you. Discuss every aspect of life, for your spouse is your best friend. Apart from the relationship of a spouse, every blood relation is essential. Share your joys and your sorrows. Your family is the one who acts like a shock absorber. Your happiness will be doubled, and your pain will be absorbed by your family, reducing your stress. 

Caring is sharing but never exploit: When two persons are in love, they expect to share each other's burden. And they also promise to enhance their joys of life. Your spouse is your best friend, but don't over expect any magical solution of a crisis, that your spouse could bring. Every human has his/her limitation, and so over expectations could lead to exploitation. The result of exploitation could be disastrous, so take care of all situations and expect a rational solution. At the same time understand that emotional support in a relationship is important to carry on the burden together.

Don't over-expect; keep your desires reasonable:  Your family and your spouse are your life. They are like a buffer that will ease up all your troubles. But your confidence and bring adverse situations. Realize the potential of your spouse and maturity, of course. Before sharing a problem, be sure that she will understand it fully and not misunderstand the situation. Every human is limited to his/her capacity, and so is your spouse. If she doesn't appreciate your crisis, don't expect it either.  Keep your expectations within limits. 

A real relationship is bliss on earth. A man having a happy relationship with his spouse and family can fight out any odd situation. Leave this legacy and tips to your children and see, they would be the happiest person on earth.

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