First Step to Road Trip, Get the Car

First Step to Road Trip, Get the Car by Pixabay

Most adults have three specific goals they would like to achieve in their life: Have a family, buy a house for that family, and buy their dream car. All three of these goals require dedication and planning in order to achieve them, and most especially that of buying your dream car. There has been a lot of carefully curated publicity regarding purchasing a brand new car, mostly centered around how it is a bad idea until you are retired and sitting on a comforting bed of cash. However, there is no need to wait until you are older and it is much easier than ever before to go out and buy the car of your dreams.

Auto Loans

Surprisingly, auto loan rates are effectively much lower than most people assume. As long as you have a decent credit score, a fixed income, as well as a clean driving record, you could get auto loan rates as low as 3%, or lower! It is also important to note that auto loans can be paid off in as low as 2-years and as high as 7-years, it all just depends on the bank where you get your loan. What you would need to do is find the best place to buy the car you are looking for, figure how much of a down payment you can afford, then talk to a few banks about the types of loans they can offer you.

The key to a good auto loan comes from shopping around a few banks. You generally do not want to settle on just the first bank you talk to. Additionally, a lot of banks offer incentives to clients that already have an account with them. A lot of dealerships require at least a 5% deposit before buying the car, then the rest would be taken out as a loan. However, consider trying to go for a down payment of closer to 30% just so you can get a much better loan.

An Investment in Fun

Planning for a family and for a house is often thought of as essential investments, but cars are often thought of as non-essential. While this is a valid argument, there comes a point in life where every adult should be allowed to invest a little bit in enjoyment. For some people, this includes hobbies or traveling. For others, it includes collecting things. Buying your dream car is just as much of an investment in your enjoyment as any of those other things.

In a world where there is often so much negativity and concern for mental well-being, it is important for you, as a human being with needs, to consider what you can do for bringing some positivity in your life. If you feel like buying a new car will help you feel more motivated and more positive, then it is possible to figure out a way to get your dream car. You most likely will need to set a few goals and plan to buy the car in a few years, but if you get started now then it will only be a matter of time that you will finally invest in your enjoyment.

Planning and Goals

As mentioned above, if you choose to invest in your enjoyment, you will need to start setting goals and planning for how you will achieve this. First, you will need to plan within your means. If you are only making $45,000 a year, then you probably do not want to go buy a new Bentley. However, if you are looking for a car that would cost nearly as much as one year of your current salary, you can begin by saving a certain amount per month for a few years to accumulate a decent chunk of money for a down payment.

For example, if you feel like you could afford a loan payment of $300 per month, then you could either buy a $20,000 vehicle today and pay it off over the course of 5-years or you could save $300 per month for 3-years and buy a $30,000 vehicle with a $10,000 down payment and pay the rest for 5-years. Honestly, you have a lot of great options, but you will need to plan ahead and set goals.

Buying your dream car does not have to be a bad idea and it can be planned for, just like anything else. If you want to pursue this option, be sure to speak with a professional to get you started.

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