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Picking up a golf driver just because it is good-looking is not the way to choose one, especially if you wish to play the game well. Playing a better game of golf is in no way related to a driver that is good-looking. Multiple factors have to be taken into consideration to pick up that one, yet great best golf drivers for beginners or best golf driver for seniors. Just like the looks do not matter while picking up the driver, neither does the price play any role in the quality and productivity of the driver. You cannot conclude the driver is the best because it is priced comparatively higher than the other drivers. 


You cannot draw an equal mark beside the price or the look and immediately derive your playing results to improve proportionately. While choosing the right driver, you need to mark out for traits such as the length, loft, and the golfer’s stroke. A fact to be mentioned is that most golfers play with a driver that has no sufficient loft and is way too long for their swing. 

Hence, we have come up with a few of the things that would help you choose great golf drivers.


1. The first and foremost thing you need to take note of is that you need to select a driver that has the right amount of loft. Having a proportionate amount of loft is one of the crucial things to consider while selecting a golf driver for Golfing. 


The player generally happens to assume the distance and the lower lofted driver to be the same, but it is not the case for all the players out there. This can be best stated with a clear illustration. If your swing speed happens to be 100 miles per hour, i.e., you hit the ball with such a speed, also you hit the ball for a long distance here, you must choose a driver which a loft of 12 degrees or less if you wonder why it is because such a driver will produce less backspin. 


On the contrary, if your swing speed is less than 90mph, which is the regular speed for most of the golfers out there, you need a driver with increased backspin. Hence, you will need a more lofted drive to keep the ball aloft.


2. You need to choose that driver which has a trajectory as similar or well suited to your play. For instance, if you play hitting the golf ball off the tee, you search for a driver which has a higher trajectory rating. You must not mistake assuming the trajectory rating to be the same as the loft. The reason being, a driver which has a 10-degree loft but has a center of gravity in the front end will act moreover as similar as a loft with 8 degrees.


3. The new driver you are considering must also have a forgiveness rating as that of your kind of quality games. This can be well illustrated as if you hit tee shots that happen to miss the sweet spot, you are most probably in need of a driver which has a maximum rate of forgiveness. If you wonder if the information will be provided to you, yes, most of the manufacturers do disclose the information. 


If you need a heads up on the best kind of driver, in general, most of them would do well with a driver having the largest head they can control. 


4. The final yet another important criterion to consider is the shaft. You need to choose the driver having the proper length shaft. If you need ideas for the best driver for beginners, it is best to know the choice of professionals, and they generally opt for drivers with 44.5” length. 

But the length varies by one or two inches as per the manufacturers because the off-the-rack drivers are longer. To be honest again and state the obvious, there is no relation between the length of your driver and the tee shots you take. You must go for a driver, which would make your task of consistently hitting the ball on the center of the golf clubs.

Read the reviews of some of the best golf drivers on The Left Rough and find what works best for your budget and skills. 

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