Few Secrets to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Teeth Whitening, Whiten Your Teeth

Since time immemorial our ancestors have been following many home remedies to get shiny pearl like teeth and those remedies are still alive due to their incredible ability to give results. Who doesn’t want white teeth for it not only gives you a smile of confidence but also boosts up your self-esteem to a great extent? Have no time to go to a dentist to get teeth bleached? Now that is not even a problem, we have compiled a few natural secrets to not only whiten your teeth but also improve the oral hygiene.

  1. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles seems very ordinary and layman idea to whiten teeth. But if seen deep into the cracks, one may find this tip very useful. One should know that soft bristles are the best to clean teeth without damaging the gums and abrasion of the teeth. Instead soft bristles when used for gentle brushing may improve blood circulation in the gums making them strong and healthy.One should make it a point to necessarily brush his teeth after every meal. This will prevent teeth from getting discolored and carious.
  2. Usage of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide has been raved a lot since ancient times. They are known to be having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent.One can get instant whitening by in-office teeth whitening solutions made up of hydrogen peroxide. Also mixing 1:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and making a paste out of it helps in getting rid of the deposited plaque and halitosis after rubbing for a few minutes on the teeth.
  3. Edible oil pulling is another home remedial method that helps in making teeth white. As astounding it may sound but oil pulling does works like a magic on teeth. Most of the times, coconut oil is used for this method. Done in many ways, coconut oil pulling gives perfect results every time. A few methods to do oil pulling are- by swishing a spoonful of oil in the whole mouth and spitting it after a few seconds or by rubbing the oil on the teeth with fingers or with a muslin cloth does the job. Coconut oil pulling not only cleans and makes teeth whiter than usual but also renders the gums healthy in the process.
  4. Usage of apple cider vinegar or any fruit vinegar does the job of teeth whitening quite skillfully and that too naturally. It acts as an antibiotic for the gums. It is especially used to remove hard stains such as those of coffee or tea or smoking or tobacco. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, magnesium, potassium, probiotics and enzymes which help in rendering the harmful bacterial growth to slow down or even sometimes dormant. Instead, it promotes the necessary enzymes growth and breaks down all the calculus and lodged food to dissolve in the gargles. If one religiously uses apple cider vinegar as a mouth wash regularly, teeth whitening will be no more a distant destination.
  5. Orange peels are acidic in nature. They have astringent properties to instantly make teeth look whiter. They act as an instant bleach agent and remove all the dirt and yellowness and food lodged between the teeth and gums making them whiter.

Activated charcoal is yet another successful product which is quite helpful in making teeth whiter. It adsorbs all the dirt, plaque and other small staining produces which get stuck on the teeth. These days even toothpaste companies have come up with their activated charcoal toothpastes. So one can go for these toothpastes instead of using the traditional method of swishing the activated charcoal in the mouth and then rinsing the mouth with water. 

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