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Looking to export the G Suite calendar to Outlook? You are at the right place. We have drafted this technical blog to guide you on the topic. In this post, we are going to discuss different methods users can use to save Gmail folders to desktops. There is a free solution and the other includes mechanical software. Keep reading to get updated with the guidance and solutions described here.

Google Calendar is a time management and scheduling service that permits you to generate and edit events. It had industrialized by Google and originated in 2009. On the contrary, Outlook is an email client that is a secure place for data storage. Thus several users prefer Outlook for its advanced features. Nevertheless, in the upcoming segment, we will discuss the manual workaround on how to export the G Suite calendar to Outlook.

Few Common Reasons to Export G Suite Emails to PST File

Being Outlook data storage file format, they are simply accessible. PST (portable storage table) is also simple to port.
The password safety facility of .pst files makes it a safe choice, it becomes the user’s first preference.
 The decision of having a backup in the local PC always favors users in unexpected bad times.

Ways to Export G Suite Calendars to Outlook PST

Searching for a way to export Google Workspace into PST is an obvious task. Users always find an easy and effective method. Here we will discuss a manual and trusted third-party software. Initially, let’s know about available manual methods and their effectiveness.

Free Way to Export G Suite Calendars to PST Using MS Outlook

  1. Firstly, Open MS Outlook.
  2. Now configure the Google Workspace account with Outlook.
  3. It might take some time to add the mailbox. The size of the mailbox is directly related to time.
  4. After finalizing synchronization, click on File > Open & Export and then Import/Export.
  5. Choose the Export option to a file option from the Import and Export Wizard. Hit on the Next.
  6. Now go with the Outlook Data File (.pst) and Hit on the Next.
  7. Make a selection of mailbox folders that users want to convert into .pst format.
  8. Finally, hit on the Finish button after selecting the preferred output folder.

Besides this solution, users can also try the G Suite admin console. With the Data Export Tool, users can export mailboxes in .pst files.

Why do Professionals Not Prefer the Manual Method?

  • Very tiresome and time-taking procedure yet has no assurance of gaining preferred output.
  • The hazards of human error with manual methods are very high.
  • Manual methods ask for technical expertise.
  • By using the data export tool, users have to fulfill various prerequisites. The domain should be at least 30 days old. It needs the permission of the super administrator.
  • Users can not export particular data with the data export tool of G Suite with no filter facility.

Export G Suite Calendar to Outlook with Professional Solution

As the manual method does not provide a satisfactory outcome for the requirement of professionals, hence professional software becomes a necessity. SysTools G Suite Backup and Restore tool comes here as a robust application. It has all the features and options a user can think of it. In the upcoming section, users will know the working process of the software.

Proven Features of the Software

  • It permits converting Google workspace email into PST without any file size limitation
  • This tool has a very simple user-friendly interface. It does not ask for any technical knowledge to perform this task.
  • A free demo version of the utility is also available. The demo edition allows assessing the software before making any purchase.
  • With this software, users can apply a date filter option to export particular date range data.
  • This application supports all versions of Windows OS like 10, 8.1, 8, 7, & all below versions.

Working Guidance of the Software to Export G Suite Calendar to Outlook

  • Initially download and run the G Suite Backup tool

  • Choose the G Suite calendar option from the categories for backup

  • Select mailbox items and file format to backup

  • Finally, hit on the start button to take the Google Workspace calendar backup

Final Words

In this post, we have described the easy ways how to export G suite Calendar to Outlook. As users have seen, using manual methods, due to a few limitations it does not fulfill your task according to your requirement. So, we have recommended you go with a trusted solution that assists you to execute your task efficiently without any trouble.

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