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Sri Lanka is one of the most picturesque islands that is present in the world. There are various visitors to this island from various parts of the world, it magnetises the travellers since ages. The island is a perfect destination for a holiday as it is blessed with abundance of natural wealth. The island is situated right in between the Indian Ocean and looks like a tear drop from the southern tip of India.
The gorgeous island gives a warm welcome to its visitors and allows them to explore each and every part of it. The population of this country is around 20 million. Although, the country has gradually become a prevalent for beach holidays, but there are various other things that will hold the interest of the traveller. Apart from the stunning beaches, there is mighty scenery, significant temples and a rich culture to experience and discover.



Sri Lanka holidays are an outstanding way to reconnoitre the country's magnificence, and attractive marvels of the lovely island. As most of the regions come under the tropical zone the travellers get to experience a pleasant weather with temperatures around 27 degrees C. Most of the days in this country are warm, bright and sunny. Though, the monsoon months if dodged is best as it turns out to be very sultry. The upper part of Sri Lanka has a cool climate with around 16 degrees C. 
The county has numerous prospects for the travellers where they get to see the colonial villages, tea plantations and etc. Besides, every city in Sri Lanka has its own feel and exceptionality that play a significant part in the country's tourism. While there some cities that are prevalent pilgrimage centres, then there are some places with historical prominence and some take our breath away with the striking beauty. The country has a well-developed infrastructure. 



Colombo, Sri Lanka is the largest city and the commercial centre of the country. It is a city that holds memorable holidays. It is the right initial point to other tourist sites. Over a million people reside here and city is also one of the prevalent and hectic ports of the country. The city has tourist places like the national museum, temples, churches, and the old parliament building. The climate in this city does not fluctuate much; it has around the same climatic level throughout the year.
The commercial capital Colombo Sri Lanka is an energetic metropolitan area that is a vibrant and fascinating city which gives us a glimpse of the country's rich and diverse culture. The city has wide ranging of lodgings varieties to select from which is totally economical price wise. The hotels, service apartments and guesthouses are of the global standard. The dining places and the assortment of cuisines served are diverse and all-encompassing. Entertainment alternatives proliferate with several art galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas, parks and etc. 



Excursions to Sri Lanka can be an awesome experience to any individual who needs to explore the excellence of this nation. Vacationers who have been to this awesome spot have vouched for the beauty that the nation was skilled with. Despite the fact that making a trip to a new place can be somewhat overwhelming, you can simply make it somewhat less exhausting by having a ton of fun and being imaginative. 

It will know more about Sri Lanka, its way of life, and the general population and spots that make it a lovely nation. You can likewise attempt some game exercises that are well known in Sri Lanka. They have a perfect atmosphere which settles on it an incredible decision for your most loved games exercises. Some of most popular sightseeing tours and activities in Sri Lanka are the followings:

  • Ramayana Trail Tour in Sri Lanka
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress and Cave Temples Private Day Trip
  • Yala National Park Half-Day Morning Safari
  • Kandy Day Tour with Visit to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  • Half-Day Lagoon and Village Cycling Tour in Galle
  • Off the Beaten Track Day Trip to Allagala and Balana
  • Private Day Trip to Sigiriya and Hiriwaduna from Colombo


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