Entertainment spots in Rhode Island

Entertainment spots in Rhode Island

Are you planning a vacation in the United States? If yes, then you should plan before time, and you can do this by researching on best places to visit in the US. There are lots of places that attract millions of tourists to the US every year. Apart from the beauty of the country, there are other landmarks and sightseeing locations in every part of the country that makes it a better place to explore. America is the Big Country; therefore, one has to plan to achieve a memorable trip.

Entertainment is always one of the factors that one considers before traveling to a new Land thus one needs to watch out for entertainment Spots in the proposed destination. When it comes to entertainment there are a lot of places to visit in the US that will not only get you entertained but also make America home away from home.

Rhode Island is one of the 50 states of the US that attracts a lot of tourists every year. This is a beautiful state with a lot of cities and towns with different sightseeing locations. Rhode Island is a better place to visit if you want to be entertained and of course, enjoy your time in America. People living in Rhode Island are accommodating, and they do not joke with entertainment so why not Rhode Island! Some of the entertainment spots to visit in Rhode Island are;


Colosseum - if you are looking for the best place to have fun in the state of Rhode Island, then Colosseum is a perfect place. This is a nightclub that attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is one of the best nightclubs you could visit in the States. Here you will have the chance to order drinks and barbecue to fill the stomach and also be entertained with a lot of activities. The security system is of the standard; therefore, one does not need to worry about safety. Workers are always polite and never disrespect customers knowing that customers are always right. This is a good place to be with one's partner as it will help achieve a memorable nightclub experience. This may not be a good place for the kids because they will not be allowed to enter because of the age limit. Colosseum is located at 180 Pine St, Providence, RI 02903, United States


Meade Stadium - this is one of the most visited stadiums in the US that you could also visit if you find yourself in Rhode Island. You will always find a tournament going on in the stadium no matter when you are visiting; thus, you should always prepare your mind ahead of time. Sports activities like basketball, American football, soccer, and other indoor games are being played here. It is also a good place for you if you have good skills in any Sport because you will have the chance to show your skills. This is also a good place to visit with the kids as there is a children section where children from every part of the world can mingle and make friends. Never forget to visit this location with your camera or phone as there are a lot of things to snap and record. This stadium is located at Keaney Ave Kingston, RI 02881.


Colt state park - this is another entertainment spot that attracts thousands of tourists every year that you could visit as well. This Park is always available for picnics therefore, a good place to host a family picnic. Also, there are a lot of beautiful things that will make you want to visit again. Colt State Park is a good place to visit with the kids as there are kids friendly facilities that will keep your kids busy. You should also go with a camera because you will find a lot of things amazing. You will also meet different people from every part of the world; therefore, try to mingle and make new friends as this will go a long way to determining how entertaining the location is going to be. It is located at Route 114, Bristol, RI 02809, United States.


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Roder Williams - apart from parks, restaurants, and Stadiums, this is also a good place to visit, especially if one is going with the kids as the kids do find animals friendly and entertaining. Roger Williams is a popular zoo in Rhode Island that one could visit. Visiting Roger Williams will give you the opportunity to see some wild animals. This is a place to visit with your camera or phone, as you will find amazing things to snap and record. Rodger Williams zoo is located at Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

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