Dubai Sightseeing: Not To Miss Experiences for Any Traveler

Dubai is popularly known for the towering structures, man-made islands, modern architecture, luxury lifestyle, and shopping. On one side if you have the glittering wonderful city, then on the other side there is a wide-stretched desert. Whetheer you want to spend your vacation enjoying modern amenities, relieve your fantasy for adventure, or get soaked in the finest hospitality in the world, Dubai is the destination that should be in your mind. In fact, Dubai is the hot spot for all the travelers and backpackers for the iconic skylines, revolutionary hotels, which are transformed to magnificent and lavished spot for luxury to make the journey luxurious and night life. It is also famous for wonderful cuisine like kebabs, biryani, cardamom coffee served in many restaurants and hotels as a welcome drink & luqaimat. 
There are no shortage of unique experiences for tourists. One can indulge in thousands of things in the city during her or his stay. Here are a few experiences that shouldn't be missed by any traveler. 

City sightseeing tour:

Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

There are many things that you can explore in the city when out for Dubai sightseeing. You can visit Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world, the Dubai Museum in Al-Fahidi fort, Heritage & Divine Village which displays maritime and cultural heritage where you can see costal village life & handicrafts, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum which is the example of the finest architecture, Jumeirah Beach which has white sand and you can also explore the sports activities at the shore viz jet skiing, Sheikh Zayed Road which is wide eight lane highway, Aquarium & underwater zoo where you can walk through and see 100+ sea life species & shark diving activities and Mall of Emirates which is famous for shopping, indoor ski slope, cinema complex for entertaining the family and a centre for entertainment. 

In-flight Tours:

In-flight Tours - Dubai

When you are confused what to do in Dubai then throw your confusion and try In-flight tours and experience the flamboyant view from the top being in the air. There are multiple options where you can explore the city and its beauty being in the mid of the air. You can explore the city from the top in a Hot Air balloon, or take a helicopter ride. Besides, there is an overnight safari to enjoy the wildlife in of the desert.

Fine dining & Aromatic puff:

Fine dining & Aromatic puff

No fun can begin with an empty stomach and that’s where you hunt for a fine dine. This city has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisine like Arabian food and shisha with a finger-licking cuisine, tempting kebabs & grills, drink while you are looking at city view at Neos, Bayt Al-Wakeel is specialised in seafood, Emirates and Arabic dishes. Jumeirah Restaurants were they believe in giving the guest personalised experience which begins with quality and creative cuisine of guest’s choice it has bars and lounge for night life experience. Al-Mahara restaurant is another wonderful place to dine, the floor and ceiling are made of glass panels where you can view a sea life while you enjoy your cuisine. The Aromatic puff will be a killer choice for the evening it is a fruit scented flavour burnt in the charcoal that passes through the water vessel (varieties of shapes and size available) and inhaled for a puff.  

Dessert & wildlife:

Dessert & wildlife - Dubai

Another best thing to do in this city is dessert safari, a wild ride on the four wheelers,  wild camel ride, sand skiing and quad biking. Desert safari in Dubai is a thrill that one wants to explore and watch the stars above your head, feel the moving air and sand. A life away from the daylight and city, well, of course, you will enjoy the famous belly dancing and great feast in the dessert to add more wildness to your life.

Explore Parks:

Explore Parks in Dubai

There are many theme park, Water Park and amusement park in Dubai that one must go. Check with your travel & tourism partner if they can help you to book tickets for you. Mushrif Park is a natural forest that has swimming pools, lakes, fountains, camel and pony rides. You can see Bruce’s owls nest in the park, yellow-throated sparrows and other spices. Mamzar Park is a large park that has sheltered beaches is the wonderful choice if you want to hide out from the crowd other beaches in Dubai. Safa Park is huge with 64 hectares of lawns, scooter paths, cafes, barbeque and a little lake where you can see plenty of ducks and fishes.

So everything from exploring the history of the city, enjoying an aerial view of the city vistas, dining the best and exotic foods, spending an overnight in the wilderness of the desert, and having unlimited fun at water parks, Dubai offers a plethora of experience that no travelers should miss. 

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