Do You Plan to Design a New Bathroom?


I adore my bathroom. I look forward to the solace and peace I feel every time I spend time in that part of my home. I know many people can relate to my perspective about the bathroom. Taking a shower in the bathroom rejuvenates you at any time of the day. Many bathrooms are designed explicitly with warm colors that help you relax while soaking up the warm, soothing water after a long day at work.

 It is common to feel the need to remodel your bathroom after a while; this decision might be based on changing preferences or a picture you saw. Redesigning the bathroom is an exciting change anyone will look forward to experiencing. Some of the factors to be considered during this project will be the space you have to work with, the users and your design.

 Creating a unique bathroom layout

 Your choices for a bathroom layout will be made from the three general plans for wet wall layouts. This arrangement includes marking out the part of your bathroom where the plumbing fittings will be run through to supply water to the toilet, shower, basin, etc. The choices for wet wall layout are one, two or three layout patterns for the wet wall.

The layout of a one wet wall system will have the toilet, sink and shower plumbing run along the same side in your bathroom wall, it is a simple plumbing system which is also affordable. However, your bathroom suite choices will be limited to this plumbing system.

You will be able to install a variety of bathroom suite models with the two wet wall system. In this case, the plumbing for the shower is fitted on one side your bathroom, and the layout for the toilet, basin, etc. are on another side of the bathroom wall.

You will have the freedom of flexibility in making remodeling decisions with the three wet wall layout here the plumbing is run on any of the three walls in your bathroom. It is quite expensive, but you will have more remodeling options to achieve the best bathroom design.

 Choosing the best lighting for your bathroom

The considerations for a good lighting pattern will include the position of your sink, toilet, and shower area. Your goal is to create a spectacular ambiance while ensuring that essential parts of your bathroom are well lit. Most modern bathroom designs have the lights set above at strategic positions.

 Bathroom lighting options are quite vast; you can get more tips on our Bathroom lighting buyer’s guide.

 Remodeling Your Bathroom

The common experience many homeowners have is managing the space effectively while remodeling the bathroom. It should be a simple modern design with a walk in shower.

In the UK, the space constraint has compelled many homeowners to install a simple walk-in shower in their bathrooms, if you are lucky, you can find a decent tub, especially if you know you will be soaking in it often.

 Depending on your budget, you could also have a quadrant shower enclosure installed. This way, your floors will be protected from spills, and these enclosures look very appealing in different designs. If you are not sure of what will fit in your bathroom, a professional assessment by an architect will help you make the best decisions.

Alternative wall finishing

We are so used to tiles on bathroom walls, but if you need something different and durable, you should consider using bathroom wall panels. They come in various designs and colors; you will also get the shower boards and shower wall panels for your bathroom. They are non-porous, easy to maintain, adequate for dry and wet areas and hygienic. Our bathroom wall boards are tongue and groove which makes installation an easy process. Bathroom wall boards are an excellent alternative to tiles, they can be used in every part of your bathroom, and the easy maintenance makes them a favorite option to give your bathrooms a new and unique look.


The floor of your bathroom must be slip-proof for the safety of every user. Even on a tight budget, flooring options such as vinyl and laminate flooring materials will give you the perfect finishing without compromising your desired style.

 Tiles are commonly used for bathroom floor finishing because they are durable even when exposed to moisture and steam from hot water.

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