Car Related Emergencies and How to Tackle Them

Car breakdown and recovery

Driving a car down the road has become a trivial task in the 21st century when almost everyone owns a car. Roads are filled with traffic throughout the day with cars moving at different speeds and directions throughout the day. Just like any other machine, cars are also bound to face a few problems every now and then. The problems can be minor issues like a flat tyre or a major tragedy, like a fatal accident. Either way, you should always be prepared to deal with any situation.

A Tire Blowout

The popping of a balloon can be scary but a tyre blowout is downright horror. It’s even worse when you are running late and there is no spare tyre with you. When this happens, remember to stay calm. The first thing you should do is keep your eyes on the road. It is easy to get distracted when you hear that your car’s tyre burst. Then, keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel because the tyre will wobble and take the car off-track. A lot of cars would be around you on the road and you don’t want to bump into them. Keep pressing the gas pedal and drive until your car slows down.

Gas Pedal is Stuck

A gas pedal can get stuck under the mat if it is loose. The shape has to be exactly the same as the pedals, keeping their measurements in mind. It is also a good idea to stick the mats to the ground so that the pedals do not get stuck in them as they are lifted.

Pedals can also get stuck due to mechanical problems. If your gas pedal has been stuck, shift to neutral and turn the ignition off.

Accidently Stepping on Accelerator

While driving, your foot can slip and land on the accelerator, even when it is not needed. When this occurs, quickly take your foot off the accelerator and apply brakes. Do not steer right or left when this happens as the car can swing out of control. Keep applying the brakes until your car slows down back to its initial speed. Set your feet apart while driving, keeping the brakes and gas pedals separately operational, avoid slipping your foot off at any time.

Failed Brakes

The brakes are as crucial to a car as the propellants are to a ship. They help in maintaining the speed and keeping the car safe from bumping into other cars on the road. If your car fails, use the hand brake and put your car in a lower gear. This will restrict your car from ‘slipping’ further and provide grip on the vehicle.

Items to keep in your car 

Keep the essentials with you in the car and always be ready to take on any problem that comes your way while you drive.

● Water bottles

Keeping water with you at all times is not only healthy for you but also for your car. Engine heat up is a common occurrence on the go and the reason is that enough water is not present in the engine. If you feel like your car is heating up, take out a bottle and pour some water in the radiator. Water can be used to clean dirt off your car and your clothes, if you get some oil on them.

● First-Aid Kit

While changing the tyre or tuning up the engine, you can get a cut on your hand. The first-aid kit should always be in your car for immediate medical relief. Cotton swabs, band-aids, pain killers, antibiotic cream and hand sanitizers are just some of the items that should be present in the first-aid box.

● Flashlight

Night-time car emergencies can be scary when you don’t have a trusty flashlight in your car. You would need to check the engine, and you can’t do that in the dark. Street lights are not bright enough for you to inspect the car and it is not a good idea to use your phone’s torch because you would want to save the battery.

Recovery and Roadside assistance services can come to the rescue when you’re faced with these emergencies. Therefore, it is important to keep the contact number of a car towing company in your phone.

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