Is Botox Safe?


Botox has been a hot topic in the public eye for the last twenty years.  It seems like everyone has an opinion on it, but very few people take the time to do the research necessary.  Magazines trying to sell issues off of human suffering will put pictures of ‘botched’ attempts at Botox: but is any of it true?

Here's everything you should know about Botox and whether it's safe or not. 

Must Be Injected By a Medical Professional

Botox in its common form was approved for medical use in the 1980s and then became approved for cosmetic use in 2002.  People feel like that's incredibly recent: and it's because it is.  Botox has had to undergo years upon years of testing: only to be attacked because of poor use choices.

If Botox is not injected by a doctor or other licensed medical professional: it can cause serious harm.  Many patients try to cut corners to save money or avoid seeing a surgeon and then find their results aren't what they expected. In addition, many of these illegal injections aren't pure medication and are mixed with things that can cause uneven texture and major health issues.

If you get Botox: it has to be done by a professional.

Botox Has Been Used Safely for Decades

Botox has been injected safely for years.  It was first dabbled within the 1920s, discovering that it could relieve faces of wrinkles and relax muscles and spasms.  Complications in the furthering of medical science put it on the back burner until 1987 when it was officially labeled safe for medical use.  When used correctly, this is a completely safe injectable.  

Its Uses Aren't Just For Beauty. 

Botox is more famous for helping people achieve more youthful and beautiful faces: but it’s not just for appearances!  Botox can stop acne by curbing our ability to create face oils; it can help relieve tension headaches and even fight the symptoms of TMJ disorder.  Although this can seem too good to be true, Botox is a fantastic injectable that shouldn't be overlooked simply because of body-shaming culture.

It Can Prevent Migraines

If you’re suffering from chronic migraines and nothing seems to be working, Botox may be right for you. Sure, the fact of many needles being injected into your scalp may seem daunting, but it’s worth the 15 minutes in a doctor’s office once every 3 months rather than suffering from debilitating migraines. The good news is that it has a huge success rate and proudly stands at the #1 recommended treatment for chronic migraine.

Those that are receiving Botox treatment every 3 months are noticing positive results in 4 weeks, and most are relieved from migraines completely by week 24. 

It’s Good for Mental Health

Many publications have falsely tried to claim that botox negatively affects mental health: but it doesn't.  When it's freshly put in the face, or there's too much, it can cause slight movement freezing: but that goes away with time and shows incredible results afterward.  

Many people who have had Botox injected state that they feel better in their skin and more attractive afterward.  This means they don't have to fear their wrinkles or necklines that they used to and can instead focus on letting their incredible personality shine through.  Society tries to place each of us into a box, and that's what can have a huge strain on mental health.  Reacting by fixing what makes you self-conscious can give you the freedom to be yourself without fearing judgment from insecurities.

Botox is an incredibly safe and very useful injectable that shouldn't have the stigma it does.

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