The Best Way to Plan and Prepare for IBP Clerk Exam and Assure Success

Ask those who are working in the private sector and they will tell you that it is no piece of cake. The working hours are long and there is no job security. In fact, it is a trend in companies that as people attain a level of seniority and expect to be paid more, they are shown the door and juniors are inducted. If you are a fresh graduate and think that private sector is full of opportunities, high pay and glam jobs, you are only partly correct. It is tough, competitive, can give you ulcers and lots of stress. On the other hand, the job of a bank clerk is relatively free of stress. Importantly, it gives you job security and good pay.  Getting the job is not as easy as walking in through the door and being allocated a desk. You have to pass the stringent IBPS clerk exam, competing with thousands of others for that desk in a nationalized bank.

In order to be eligible to take the ibps bank clerk exam you have to be eligible. You must be minimum 20 years of age and not more than 28 and you must be a graduate. Your scores do not matter. The results of the ibps clerk exam do. Pass with highest scores and you stand a chance. How do you obtain highest scores? With proper preparation and planning, is the answer.

Preparation means you study, study and work hard so that you can answer any question even if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night. For that to happen you must first get the ibps clerk syllabus and know what topics are involved. You will find that most of the five sections relate to what you have already studied in school and college. The five sections deal with numerical ability, quantitative aptitude, English, reasoning and computers. You can prepare a month or two in advance by obtaining ibps study materials and by knowing the ibps exam pattern.  This knowledge helps you prepare a plan.

Why do you need a plan? On the face of it, the questions, if you have gone through past ibps clerk test papers, are not all that difficult. However, the ibps exam pattern is that you must complete 200 questions in 2 hours giving you just over half a minute for each. If you get it right well and good. If you get it wrong, there are negative marks. The important thing when you appear for the exam is to be accurate and speedy.  That calls for a plan.

The plan is simple. You tackle the easiest sections and parts of those sections first and become perfect. Then you set aside the tougher ones and tackle each of them individually in order to develop proficiency. The thumb rule is to learn theory 30 minutes and practice test papers for 1 to 1.5 hours. The more you practice on test papers, the faster you become at getting a maximum number of questions right. Keep in mind that you must never dawdle over a question. Either you know the answer or you do not so get on to the next and complete maximum number of questions when you appear for the exam. If you do not succeed…oh well…sometimes luck also plays a role.

The post of a clerk in a nationalized bank gives you a lifetime of peace and job security. You cannot get there unless you pass the ibps bank clerk exam with the highest possible scores. Even though most of the topics of the ibps syllabus relate to what you have studied in school, you have to study and prepare. 

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