Best Photo Editing Apps for the iPhone Users

iPhone photo editing apps

There was a time when clicking mesmerizing photographs was limited to things – the capacity of your camera reels and your luck. There was no option to delete and click another one if your photographic soul is not satisfied with the outcome. However, with the blessings of modern technologies, the appearance of smartphones with high megapixels cameras have made photography much more smooth and interesting.

What are the best photo editing apps for your iPhone photography? Or what is the best photo editing app? – these are the most common and widely searched questions on Google. Well, photo editing is something like adding salt and spices to your food. Ordinary photos can be changed into marvelous ones sometimes if you have used proper editing apps and techniques.

Have a look at these best photo editing apps for iPhone below which will undoubtedly give your clicks a magical touch.


If you want to go for a simple user interface, Instasize is a great photo editing app for those just starting out, and even content creators on-the-go. Choose from numerous filters, fonts, borders, and tools. The Instasize app is ideal for Instagram’s format where you can create and post in an instant. Instasize is free on both Android and iOS but offers a premium subscription with unlimited access for $4.99/month.


Snapseed is undoubtedly one of the best photo editing apps which serve every purpose of correcting and editing an image.  Along with the basic photo editing tools like cropping, exposure and sharpening, features like creative filters allow you to intensify the quality of your photograph.  If you are looking for an app on your iPhone store to give your photographs a professional touch then Snapseed can be a perfect one.


Not only as a popular social media but it is widely used as an excellent iPhone photo editor app. You can crop, sharp, set the exposure, rotate the picture and use a few filters to change the mood of the picture before sharing it on the platform. Unlike Snapseed, Instagram does not have other advanced options but you should never underestimate this powerful photo editor.

Adobe Lightroom CC

This is one of the best photo editing apps for iOS not only for beginners but also for the advanced. Although this app is free to download and use the premium version can offer various unique, features like selective adjustments and perspective corrections which will take iPhone photography to some other extent.


Unlike the other editing apps, Enlight is unique because of its ability to turn a picture into painting or drawing and also to add various other design elements to give a creative look on your photograph. Among its several magical tools, the Mask Tool is quite useful as it allows you to blend several effects into certain parts of your photograph after applying those effects.


If you ask the question, which is the best photo editor app in the world? Then VSCO might appear on the scene. This app has a wide range of editing tools especially vintage or classic film-type filters. If you want to make your photography completely unique with some vintage touch then perhaps VSCO is the one you are looking for in your iPhone store.

Lens Distortions

This is an ideal app that allows you to enhance your photographs by adding lights and weather effects like sunlight, rains, fog, snow, lens flares, and others. Also, the basic edition features are also inbuilt in it along with features to add sparkles and blurs.

Afterlight 2

This is one of the most creative photo editing apps for iPhones. Apart from basic editing tools like exposure, crop, rotate, sharpen, there are several others like the unique features to add graphics on the image,  the advanced editing qualities that allow tuning the colours and mood of a particular photograph.


If you want to add some unique textures on your image then the Mextures app is there to offer you a wide variety of texture effects like grain, light leaks and others. You can use as much as the effects you want using layers features and blend those effects to get a professional look.

Superimpose X

If you like combing and blending several pictures into one then Superimpose X  might seem a perfect photo editing app to you. Using various filters, shadows, distortions, blur, brush tools, adjustive blend modes you can actually create a beautiful creative image by mixing up several photos.


As its name suggests, this app really touches to retouch a photograph to give it a blemish-free image. You can remove unwanted objects from your picture by highlighting the object using your fingers. However, this app is not available for free in the app store. You will have to pay $1.99 to get it downloaded.

However, do you want to change the look and mood of your iPhone photography? Then your aimless wandering to find the most popular iPhone photo editing apps for iOS ends here. Download and explore these apps and get your skills of photography enhanced with a touch of editing.

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