Best Alternative of Applozic - Contus Fly for Real-time Chat in an Android & iOS App

Best Alternative of Applozic - Contus Fly for Real-time Chat in an Android & iOS App

“The number of mobile phones messaging app users makes a way up from 1.58 billion users to 2.48 billion users in 2021”Is it?

Since the enterprise level communication platform is materializing, this befogs much organization on taking the appropriate choice. Choosing the right decision on whether to build or buy the enterprise chat app relies on time, resources, SDK tools, API and the workflow of the organization’s expectation. So as to reduce the burden on deciding your valuable asset, we have made an excerpt on the comparison and alternatives of Applozic, Contus Fly and Applozic review which would outrightly drive to tweak the revenue of your business.

Contus Fly:

Contus Fly is a ready-made instant messaging solution to help enterprise-level communication and other businesses to build their own chat app & web application. The real-time communication is integrated with a dedicated with AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud server to build your chat app in the convenient and secure platform. The hosting operation can be carried on own server to scale up and access on your own. Contus Fly is in-house SDK Solution to provide code libraries to develop the chat application on any platform. Thus, Contus Fly is appraised as the perfect alternative to Applozic. The IM solution is encrypted with End-to-end encryption and HMAC authentication to ensure the safety of data exchange within the platform. Contus Fly is also a perfect alternative of Applozic in accordance to the applozic reviews.   


Applozic is a complete in-app messaging SDK provider for mobile and web application. The instant messaging platform is incorporated with several features that turn the chat app as the most powerful user’s experience and also with most successful applozic reviews. The real-time IM is powered by global cloud server and native SDK for the development of Android and iOS platforms.

A Comprehensive Tech-Stack Comparison of Applozic Alternative — Contus Fly:



Applozic: It uses MQTT which is a standard publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol.

Contus Fly: They use XMPP protocol for real-time exchange of communication which powers multi-applications.



Applozic: They maintain connection within the server through sockets and Twilio’s cloud platform.

Contus Fly: The hosting can be done on Contus Fly main server or Enterprise premises and cloud infrastructure is backed by AWS.



Applozic: They offer front-end UI, Chat SDK, and API for cross-platform.

Contus Fly: It offers absolute source code of API Integration and SDKs for customization.



Applozic: They provide an end-to-end dashboard to view app statistics.

Contus Fly: With their easy to use SDK and API integrations, a complete admin panel and dashboard to manage the modules of the entire application.



Applozic: They provide product-based UI customization for iOS, Android and Xamarin.

Contus Fly: They provide a complete source code that is compatible with cross-platform and customizable to any extent.



Applozic: They provide WebRTC feature with limited data usage.

Contus Fly: They provide WebRTC enabled video audio chat app with unlimited data usage.


7. SaaS (Software as a Service):

Applozic: It is a cloud-based SaaS chat product.

Contus Fly: Absolutely a solution based real-time chat app.



Applozic: They provide immense security privacy such as FIPS, TLS, Two-factor authentication.

Contus Fly: It is fortified with a 3-tier security system (HMAC, End-to-end Encryption, AES) for the entire chat app solution.



Applozic: Their pricing ranges from $99/m with usage plans and limited Audio/video calls (Pay-only-for-use)

Contus Fly: They provide a one-payment solution with unlimited and separate cloud storage.


Bottom line:

Having a comprehensive insight into the minutiae of the technology with which you are about to build an essential component of your business. Chat apps have proven to boost customer engagement high up the rocket. Knowing about the languages that are goes into the usage of this bank-breaking integration would help you get an overall understanding of how things work and, in turn, help you choose the best suiting solution for it.


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