Backyard Party Essentials Checklist

Backyard Party

If you thought planning a backyard party is easy, think again. You actually need to invest more of your time into this process if you want everything to turn out perfectly. Depending on the number of people you're having and the type of food you're preparing, you'll maybe even have to start preparing for the occasion a month ahead. To see what you need to do, how, and when, make sure to keep reading.  

Set a date 

The first thing you need to do when it comes to hosting any party is to set a date. Make sure to look at your schedule at least one mother before and pick a date. Since it is an outdoor party, you shouldn’t forget to look at the weather forecast. Weather will be very important for the party, especially if you have no spaces where you can hide from rain or wind if you pick the wrong date. 

You should also make sure that you have nothing else planned for the said date. Summer is over before you know it, and if you don't plan a backyard party a month ahead, it may not happen at all. As soon as you see a date free of any other activity and filled with sun rays, make sure to mark it down as "the one".

Clean the grill 

Barbeque is the go-to food when it comes to backyard parties. Everyone loves it and it's rather simple to prepare. However, it won't be that simple if you don't maintain your grill properly. It doesn’t matter whether you have a charcoal or a gas grill since they both need a deep cleaning before you use them. 

You should, though, inspect the fuel line on the gas grill. If there are some cracks on there or if there’s grease in the burner holes, make sure to address these issues as well. As soon as the grilling season starts, make sure to clean it properly and then just keep it in that perfect condition until the party. 

Check your outdoor furniture situation

It’s very important to see how many people you can host. The size of your backyard and the furniture you have out there are key features when it comes to this. If you don’t have enough furniture, but you want to invite more people over, make sure to start shopping. 

It's not such a great idea to order furniture online in such cases because shipping can sometimes take weeks. You don't want your furniture to arrive after the party is over. Instead, you can ask a friend to borrow some cute chairs or set a budget and start shopping now.

Invite guests on time

It's very important what kind of party you're hosting. If you're going for some cute get-together with friends and close family, you can send the invitations even a week ahead.

On the other hand, if you're hosting a large or formal party, you should give your guests a heads-up a month before the event. They should know whether they are coming for graduation or an anniversary party or if they just come to spend some time together.

Get everything you need 

When it comes to the birthday party essentials, it's best to stock up on them at least a month before the party. Make a list now, get everything you need, and don't worry about a thing. The first thing you'll need will be the fuel for the grill.

Other necessary things are skewers, heavy-duty aluminium foil, reusable outdoor dinnerware, lightsaber platters, cooler, bug repellent towelettes, sunscreen, lanterns, wireless outdoor speakers, and umbrellas. All of these things are necessary for meal preparation, safety, and a good time during the party.

Create a shopping list 

Three weeks before the party is the best time to start thinking about food. You should start thinking about the menu. Make your mind around what you're going to prepare and create a shopping list. Decide whether you're going to make classic burgers, hot dogs, or some vegan options and write down everything you need.

Think about all the dishes you’ll make and the sides you’ll prepare. Divide the list into perishable and non-perishable items and have it all planned out and organized before you start visiting the stores. 

Think about outdoor activities

No matter whether you’re hosting a large number of people or not, you should decide on the outdoor games and activities in advance. If you know exactly what you’re going to do, you’ll be able to prepare everything properly. 

For instance, if you want to rent a bouncy house for kids, it's best to do that in advance. If you want to roast marshmallows over a fire pit, you should get the marshmallows on time and clean the fire pit. Get all the supplies necessary as soon as you decide on games and activities.

Do a little kitchen prep 

Two weeks before the party, you should start shopping for non-perishable items. Make sure to pick up wine and other drinks, condiments, and pantry staples. After you get them, store them away and check if you should buy anything else before the party. 

If anything on your list can be made ahead and frozen, don’t hesitate and do it right away. When the party approaches, you’ll be in such a rush that every help will be amazing. Therefore, do yourself a favour and make everything you can in advance. 

Tidy up 

A week before the party, you should start cleaning up. Make sure to tidy up the guest bathroom. Even though you don’t need to have the indoors looking perfect, you can do the minimum and make the bathroom seem perfect. 

Clean the backyard, mow the lawn if you have it, and trim the trees. If you want to accessorize with more natural elements, Mat Shop has some artificial grass options that you’ll love. Make sure to pick the music as well. Test the outdoor sound system before the guests arrive. 

Make some dishes 

Now is the time for shopping for perishable ingredients. Get the fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meats a couple of days before the party. 

If you’re buying fresh seafood, don’t do it before the morning of the party. If there is anything that can be prepared ahead, once, again, do it and save yourself time later.  

Chill the drinks and prepare the music 

Once the day of the party arrives, don’t panic. You’ll still have a lot of things to do, but it won’t be as overwhelming if you’ve done everything you should’ve done before. One thing you should definitely do is place the cold beverages into the fridge and later into the cooler. 

Another thing to do is to prepare the party playlist. As soon as the playlist is ready, you can turn the music on. It’ll immediately make you feel better and create a festive atmosphere. If anyone gets there early, it won’t matter even if everything isn’t ready; the music will be the most important feature. 

Organize the space 

The grill staging area should be prepared when the guests arrive. Make sure to get your serving platters, tongs, grill brush, and anything else you might need when you start cooking. 

It’s a good idea to set up a self-serve table. Get the dishes, flatware, napkins, cups, a bucket of ice, serving spoons, and, most importantly, a basket with bug repellent wipes and sunscreen. 

Do the finishing touches 

In the end, all you need to do is finish preparing the food, welcome the guests, and have a good time. Even if the food isn’t ready by the time people arrive, that won’t be a problem. People expect to see you cooking at such an occasion. Just, don’t forget to serve beverages while they wait for the food. 

Finally, relax and enjoy your time with people you love and like. Hand the grilling tongs to someone else, dance, chat, and have a genuinely good time. 


Even though it isn’t that simple to prepare a party, the whole process is very fun and interesting. If you do everything on time, you’ll have nothing else to do but to have fun with your guests. 

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