Are Boarding Schools Better Than Day Schools?


If you decide to send your child to boarding school, the society immediately starts developing your image as cruel parents or careless parents who do not have plenty of time for their child. Breaking the stereotypes that boarding schools are for spoiled kids or the nerds who know nothing more than studies, some parents are aware of their decision and know what they are about to offer to their children. Boarding schools are for the overall benefits of the children.

Boarding schools not only have the higher educational standards but also help the children to develop great social value helping them lead an amazing lifestyle. Students in boarding schools are more disciplined and do not show any grumpiness as other students of their age do.  

Though there are bad sides too; as there comes distance between parents and children. Hence, it takes a lot to decide whether a parent should send his/her child to boarding school. However, thinking from the perspective of a child’s better future, it’s definitely a great step in this direction. To give you more clarity to take the decision, here are few points:

Advantages of Boarding Schools

Everything for everyone

Boarding schools offer a myriad of facilities under one roof such as a library for self-study, laboratory for experiments, musical instruments and sports courts and playgrounds for sports enthusiasts. They live like a big family in which teachers can help them throughout the day. If a student faces any kind of difficulty, he/she can approach the faculty member or administration staff at any time. For illustration, at Vagad Pace Global School, one of the best residential schools, students, teachers, admin & management staffs live together in the same campus and eat together in the same mess.

Exposure to the real world rather than virtual

Children who spend their time at home are addicted to screens, playing video games and watching television for the maximum time. However, students at boarding schools are more exposed to the real-world and involved in various extra-curricular activities. They are less exposed to bad technology effects, which mean they can spend time pursuing their hobbies in arts, music, and sports.

Social Skills

The Best boarding schools focus on developing social skills amongst students. They are taught to be organized and responsible for their own stuff such as clothing, books, and toys. They are more mannered and know the etiquettes of high living. As compared to day school children, they are more obedient, confident and efficient.

Strong Bonding

As most of the children at boarding schools hail from good family backgrounds, children tend to have great friendships which are better and safer than day schooling children. Friends who wake up with you, stay with you throughout the day and night and remain with you through thick and thin tend to grow stronger bond for a lifetime that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Confident and Adaptable

Children at boarding schools are quite confident and adaptable as they know that their family is not with them. So, they handle their problems on their own. They can speak for themselves and take a stand whenever needed. They also get the opportunity to interact with the faculty members which is lacked day schools since students remain shy.

More Worthy

Boarding schools provide the best facilities to the students creating a student-friendly environment for better learning and living. Faculty and admin staffs are trained and experienced to handle the children. They learn from the best available resources. State-of-the-art infrastructure, laboratory and well-equipped library help the children to a greater extent.

Restraining from Bad Habits

Teenage is a crucial phase for parents and children. Parents are worried about the peer group of their child and try to prevent them from bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and rough driving. At boarding schools, they can be assured that their child will not indulge in such ill habits.

Disadvantages of Boarding Schools

Parent-Child Relationship

As parents are less involved in the upbringing of the child, their relationship does not get that fonder as it becomes when a child stays at home. Parents remain untouched by the growing thought process of the child and when they do not see their child running to them for their problems, they get anxious. 

More Expensive

Providing residential facilities at boarding schools make it more expensive than day schools. The costs soar high that it becomes unreachable for middle-class families. Boarding schools in India have so high fees that only rich families can afford it. It also affects the environment the children grow up. Afterward, it becomes difficult for the children to make friends with children from middle class.

Nostalgia and Homesickness

Children who have been there with parents only find it difficult to accommodate at boarding schools. Although it is a normal thing to feel nostalgia and homesick once in a while there are some over-sensitive children who cannot bear living separated from their parents or family. The progress in studies seems to be depreciating when they’re enrolled in boarding schools.

The Verdict

Overall, boarding schools are better than day schools in terms of the all-round development of the children. Depending on the various factors such as adaptability of children, affordability of the fees and other expenses etc. parents should decide whether their child should be sent to boarding school. Children should not be sent to the boarding school for some kind of punishment. 

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