Apostille Legal Documents: When and How to Obtain Them

Apostille Legal Documents
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If you plan to move to another country, it is wise to bring a few apostles documents in your briefcase, just in case. An apostille serves to confirm a document is legitimate, and it can be used in any country that has signed the Hague Treaty. Here is what you need to know about apostille documents and how to acquire them.

In case of Emergency

If you are reading this article and you need to produce an apostle document urgently, you can call upon the services of professionals to ensure no mistakes are made in your demand, so that it can be processed rapidly. In the US, you can choose a service provider that works in all state.

For What Purposes are Apostille Documents required?

As mentioned in the introduction, the use of apostles documents is strictly required for purposes that involve another country, since the goal is to prove to authorities in place that it has not been forged. There are different situations when you may need to provide an apostle document. Here are some of the most common ones.

For Personal Purposes

Any legal demands that you may make and that implies your status abroad will most probably require for your legal documents to be apostille. For example, if you would like to move to another country to reside there, all documents that you will provide referring to legal status (birth certificate, marriage licence, etc.) will need to be certified through an apostille. The same is true if you decide to get married in another country, so that you can prove who you are and that you are not already married.

For Educational Purposes

Many young adults decide to continue their studies abroad. By accumulating knowledge in various universities, they are able to increase the value of their CV, at least in regards to their educational background. Future employers often look at educational abroad as a life experience as well, which increases the potential of the candidate. To be able to study in a foreign country, educational institutions often require apostles documents for admission or enrollment purposes. This can include diplomas, transcripts or other educational certificates.

For Business Purposes

When you own a company and you want to proceed with business transactions abroad, some documents may need to be apostles before the process can be completed. This can happen when someone wants to create a branch of his company in another country or open a bank account there as well. The documents that could be at play include articles of incorporation, powers of attorney and financial statements, to name only a few.

For Official Purposes

When you are living in another country, or applying for it, chances are that government agencies in place will ask to receive apostles documents in any event where you may be involved. For example, it would be the case when you apply for a work visa or licenses. The same would apply if for some reason you got involved in a legal case, as one of the parties or simply as a witness. You would then be required to prove your identity through an apostle document provided by the authorities of the country where you were born.

How to Obtain Apostille Documents

Obtaining apostles documents can be a complicated process. That is why it is often best to call upon the services of specialists. When a government agency in another country asks for them, time is of the essence. If you make a mistake and send your demand to the wrong government agency or there is an error in the forms that you filed, the process can take much longer. An apostille service provider will make sure that all is done properly and that you receive the documents in good time. Otherwise, you can follow the process below as globally described.

  1. Obtain the specific requirements of the country where you intend to use the documents.
  2. Find the documents you need to apostille and make sure they comply with the requirements of the country asking for them.
  3. Identify the authority responsible for issuing apostilles in your country (Secretary of State's office, the U.S. Department of State, or others in the USA)
  4. Submit your documents to the designated authority along with any required fees and application forms..
  5. Keep track of the progress of your application.

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