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Owner of Personal Finance website My name is Andrew Fluevog, but most people just call me Fluevog. I'm a twenty-two year old Aerospace Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. Ever since I was a little kid, I have had a deep fascination of money, specifically personal finance. The side hustle to make a dollar or two here and there was my best friend. While income is your greatest wealth builder, it will go to waste if you are irresponsible with money.  However, being responsible with money requires having an extensive knowledge of all your options. The goal is to make the most of the money you have and get that money to do the work for you. I have spent many years searching the internet, reading books, and watching videos to teach myself as much as possible about all things personal finance. These include investment accounts, retirement accounts, home purchases, car purchases, credit cards, tax laws, budgeting styles, and multiple other topics where many people tend to throw away their hard earned money. However, many of the websites and videos that I found were not easy to understand. I would ask myself every day why there wasn't a single website that thoroughly explained all of this information in a style that everyone can understand. So I created this website in order to serve as your one-stop-shop for all things personal finance. Here, you can educate yourself and find the best financial plan for you to reach your goals by utilizing the options available to you.

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Nobody can predict when an emergency will happen. It could be anything from your air conditioning unit at your house going out to breaking your foot and needing surgery. No matter what happens, it will cost you money to fix. An emergency fund is an amount of money set aside to pay for any situations that happens in life