9 Useful Things To Do With A Spare 10 Inch Tablet


A 10 inch tablet is a pretty useful little device to have around. The wide, generous screen of these large screen tablets coupled with relatively low price tags make them excellent spares to keep around the home or office.

But what, exactly, can you do with a 10 inch tablet? Here are some of the more practical examples:

1. Reference Manual – the bulk and weight of a 10" tablet PC may make it unwieldy as a portable e-reader, but the size of the screen makes it an ideal device to use for reference materials. Load up a how-to guide or technical manual, and then zoom in to improve readability without cutting out too many details.

2. Car GPS System – if your car doesn't have a GPS system already built in, a 10 inch tablet is just the device you need to easily and painlessly add smart navigation to your ride. Pair your tablet PC with mobile internet access point for more accurate navigation, and you're all good to go!

3. Intercom System – why shout out to people in your home or office when you can hook up an intercom system to conveniently stay in touch with one another? This is pretty useful if you have more than one mobile device around you, as it works pretty well with phones and smaller tablets.

4. Interactive Photo Album – a large tablet that's past its prime can make for a pretty interesting photo frame. Just load your favorite pictures on it, set it up on a stand, plug it into a power source and you'll be able to more quickly and conveniently share your photos! 

5.Security Camera Monitor – 10 inch tablets make for good security camera hubs if you have an IP security system to work with. Set the tablet up in your home or office, and you'll be able to tell at a glance who's knocking at the front door or if there's someone sneaking around where they shouldn't be.

6.Second PC Monitor – apps like iDisplay create a second display screen for you to work with using your PC setup. This is immensely useful when you want a second PC monitor screen but don't want the hassle of getting a new monitor or switching out between multiple display setups.

7.Sketch Pad – a big tablet can make for a pretty useful sketch pad if you don't mind the limitations. The accuracy is not comparable to a dedicated sketch pad, but it's not a bad feature to try out sketching with a more affordable 10 inch tablet before committing yourself to the big purchase.

8. Dictation Tool – apps like Dictadroid and Dragon Dictation let you turn your speech into text, which is a pretty useful feature to install on a 10 inch tablet. The large screen of the tablet also makes it a lot easier to review the text on the fly instead of having to squint your eyes to proof the transcriptions.

9. High-Security Device. Another cool use for a 10 inch tablet is to wipe all unnecessary software on it and then to dedicate the device solely for a single task. Install as many layers of security as you need, use the tablet PC only for the task you have in mind, and you'll be less likely to leak any sensitive information you tap into the tablet.

9. Bicycle Chain Charger – hook this up to your bike, and you'll be able to charge your large screen tablet while commuting to and fro work. You can even install it on a stationary bike to help juice up the tablet you're using while working out!

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