9 Interesting Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2020


Decorating a bedroom is challenging as it is not just about aesthetics but also comfort and coziness, which is why we have come up with 10 tips to help you redo your bedroom perfectly.

1. Do Not Overcrowd the Room:

The first rule for bedroom decoration is to avoid any clutter as you would want to move around the room freely. If you do not need something in the room, do not place it there. 

2. Choose Subtle Colors:

A bedroom should always be a soothing place like a sanctuary, hence choose subtle tonnes of paint like lavender, light blue, or cream to set up the right mood. You can add wallpapers as well if you want to make the room look a bit more interesting and add a certain character to it.

3. Choose the Right Bed:

It is a bedroom so we just cannot forget all about the bed should be the centerpiece of the room which means do not buy any other overpowering piece of furniture. If the room is large, then you can go for a king-sized bed with a huge headboard so that you get drawn towards it. If it is a compact room, such huge furniture will just look crowded, hence look for a much simpler bed. Remember, whichever bed you choose, the mattress needs to be extremely comfortable as nothing else is as important as that.

4. Lay Down Earthly Flooring:

The bedroom is a room of relaxation, and what better than giving it an earthly touch? The flooring is an essential part of the room as it changes how the room looks and it needs to be comfortable and durable too. To give the room a warm, comfortable, and earthly feeling. We love the idea of choosing the right bamboo flooring that is sustainable as well as environmentally friendly.

5. Add Soft-Furnishings:

The bedroom is a room that needs to look soft and comfy, which is why you need to throw some pillows, use a rug, blankets, and window drapes to add extra softness to the room.

6 Layer the Lighting:

Relying on just an overhead light and night lights is not a great idea, you may want to set up lights with varying intensities to match your mood.

7. Do Not Forget the Ceiling:

Most decorators forget all about the ceiling which covers one-fourth of the room. You can give the bedroom a special touch by using DIY ideas for the ceiling, like painting it a delicate color. You can add moldings too, to make it look elegant. Remember when you lay down on your bed, you will only watch the ceiling directly above you so you have to revamp it too.

8. Create a Nook:

It is a great idea to create a small space for yourself in the room where you can enjoy a book while sipping a cup of tea. You can add seating near the window or add a single-seater couch with a footstool for yourself to spend some private time.

9. Install a dimmer switch

Controlling the light in your bedroom will help you to develop a more suitable atmosphere. Dimmer switches are not expensive to purchase, and they’re simple to install. So, you just need to search online or head down to your local home store today.

The Bottom Line- Add Your Personal Style:

The bedroom is the most intimate room in your house, which is very personal to you. Going by the latest architectural digest design is not a good idea if that is not your style. Remember, you are going to enjoy the room only if it reflects your personality, hence do not forget to style it as per your personal taste.

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