8 Ways To Have A Pet and Hygienic Home At A Time


Pets and cleaning households never go hand in hand most of the time. Pet owners already know what we are talking about. It is difficult to keep everything tidy, with your furry friend such as footprints, toys, and hair and hair everywhere, and the list goes on. 

Hence, we wish to save your day with these home cleaning hacks which would help you easily clean up after your dog. 

Check out the 8 ways in which you can easily help yourself - 

1. Buy a vacuum

The vacuum is the need of an hour with your pet, though shredding or non-shedding. Dog hair, debris, dirt, etc all find their way into your house making it extremely difficult for you to keep things tidy. This is why you need to buy a vacuum cleaner. You may choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners which are handheld, canister, upright, stick, autonomous/robot. The choice must be as a result of the type of floor you have. The best vacuum for pet hair is the robot vacuum. The best vacuum for pet hair on carpet would be an upright vacuum and the best vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors would also be an upright vacuum

2. Give pedicures

You need to keep taking care of your pets by giving it necessary nail trims and cuts. This is in order to prevent unsightly nail damage. Without the regular trim, your house would end up with married hardwood floors, scratched leathers, and maybe punctured upholstery.

3. Keep a stain remover handy

It is obvious your dog would leave back some stains, resulting from any of the activities such as stomach bug or eating something they shouldn’t have eaten. Hence, keeping a stain remover handy is the best option. Work on it the moment you see a stain. 

4. Cover up your cleaning with a doormat

Training may or may not lead your dog into wiping its paws on mats and hence keeping a couple of doormats would be a great option. This works as an automatic cleaner for your dog’s paws when it walks past the mat. 

5. Cover up a few places

Hunt down all the places your dog loves taking a nap and throw a sheet over them all to keep it well and tidy. This will actually spare your household items from catching dog hair, stains, and odor. The sheets can be washed off easily later on.

6. Contain the mess

The food bowls are commonplace to be the messiest of the entire house. Of course pets like digging onto their food as soon as they find them. The area from the bowl to the water can actually be a nightmare for some people. Hence, you can always choose to throw away a tray below the bowls which would be easy for you to clean up with. 

7. Stay on track of flea

Having a dog increases the chance of flea manifestation, and it can get really messy. Sprayings, combings, bombings, flea baths, and more vacuuming can get all geared up for that.

8. Invest in durable materials

You need to invest a lot more in durable items in order to avoid breakage and spoilage. You must opt for furniture and everything around your house which is durable and sturdy. If possible invest a lot more in stain-resistant fabrics and also keep a lot of accessories that are specially meant for pet grooming

Such items may include, a shedding tool, slicker brush, furminator, shedding glove, extra sticky roller, pet hair brush, pet hair remover handheld vacuum, stain and odor remover, carpet shampoo, urine destroyer stain and residue eliminator, pet fresh baking soda carpet odor eliminator, spray and doggy cologne, fur remover broom, pet hair robot vacuum, bagless vacuum, carpet cleaner, and any other powerful cleaning items. Also, opt for all the dog grooming kits as required by your dog. 

Final Words

Take notes of the grooming kits as per your dog’s breed as they highly differ and you sure want to give the best grooming to your dog. We understand your love for your dog but hygiene is never to be compromised at any cost. So, happy cleaning folks!

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