8 Useful Tips to Consider While Designing the Layout for Retail Business


People who fail to understand the importance of store’s layout for the sales of the shop. The design of the shop should be attractive and it should be able to attract the customers. The arrangement of the shop should be welcoming to the customers so that they are compelled to enter the shop and look at the products that you have to offer. The layout should also be able to provide a comfortable shopping experience. Everything from the shelves to the aisles, to the arrangement of the products and then check out and service counters should be arranged correctly.

There are several different things like the flooring plans, the displays, placement of aisles are some of the important things that need consideration. All of the things present in the shop should be able to complement each other and the customers should be able to see the connection between everything. Always hire professional shopfitters for a retail business to get better design and layout.

Here are some useful tips for which will help you in planning the perfect layout for your store.

Selecting the Floor Plan

Floor plans are an important thing that needs to be considered. The floor plan is like the foundation of the layout of the store. It is the structure on which everything else will be built and organized. Here are some of the recommendations for the floor plans.

The Straight Floor Plan

This type of floor plan is considered as one of the most efficient and economical options for the floor options.  It has all the fixtures and displays at the right angles. This floor plan is practical because it makes the best use of the floor and the wall space. In this area, the corners, which are mostly left unused can also be used for displaying and shelving. It is perfect for places which have small floor space. The wall fixtures can be crucial because they are affordable display options.

The straight floor plans are also versatile because they can accommodate almost all of the major display styles. They can also be used in an extensive variety of stores because of its versatility. This floor plan is also highly convenient.

Angle Floor Plans

This floor plan has a lot of curves and it creates a visual diversity. This floor plan also creates a sophisticated feel to the whole layout of the shop. This floor plan has less actual room for displaying and storing the products. This also helps in displaying the products and put extra emphasis on the products. This plan is mostly adopted by the shops which have fewer products like the jewelry stores etc.

Mixed Floor Plan

This floor plan is the most customizable option among all of the floor options. This floor plan uses the straight, diagonal and the angular options as well. Using all of the options helps in creating a very functional store. If you have an extensive variety of products to offer, then this floor plan is an excellent option because it allows you to customize some areas differently to create a different vibe and highlight the products. It helps in creating a lot of versatility.

The Secondary Floor Plans

Apart from the above-mentioned floor plans, there are also some other floor plans available. These floor plans include diagonal and the geometric floor plans. The diagonal floor plans are used mostly by self-service stores and the geometric floor plans are used mainly by the stores which sell clothes and apparel.

Deciding the Size and Placement of the Aisles

The size and the location of the corridors are important to create a beautiful and cozy shopping environment for the customers. They are the things that can be overlooked easily, but they should not be overlooked because they are so important. The flow and the traffic of the customers are dictated by the placement of the aisles so it is important that they are placed perfectly. If the width of the aisles is not enough, then it can create a full environment and the customers may find it difficult to navigate through them. There should be no obstruction between the aisles. If the customers find it easy to move through the aisles, then they will feel very comfortable in exploring the store and looking at all of the products that the store has to offer. The layout of the aisles should ensure the promotion of maximum movement. The position of the aisles should be able to expose the customers to all of the products available in the store so that they can see all of the products and this will have a positive effect on the sales of the place.

The Flow of the Traffic

When the layout of the place is being decided, the aim should be to expose the customers to the products and smooth flow of the customers. You should ask yourself, where you want your customer flow to be. Do you want to guide them to the back of the store or you want to direct them to the middle. Whether you need to direct them to the wall fixtures. The flow of the customer flow will have a lot of effect on the sales of the shop.

Leading the Customers with the Layout of the Aisles

The aisles should be selected to ensure that the customers are directed to the place where you want them to go. There are several different options when it comes to the layout of the aisles. The layout that is chosen depends on the floor space available to you

If the shop has a large sales floor, then there are more options to choose from. If the available sales space is small, then the options are a little limited. One of the options available is the free-flow layout and it is highly suitable for the places with small sales space. There is also a grid layout which is mostly paired with the straight floor plan and it runs parallel to the walls and helps in promoting the movement up and down the aisle. This layout is considered highly suitable for grocery stores and the convenience stores. There is also the loop design which is also paired with the straight floor plan.

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