8 Safety Tips You Should Follow to Set-up a Bunk Bed for Your Kids

8 Safety Tips You Should Follow to Set-up a bunk Bed for Your Kids

Getting a bunk bed is a brilliant way to save space in a room and works ideally if your children share a room. Also, do not forget that kids love to sleep on bunk beds. However, a bunk bed is not like a regular bed, hence there are certain safety norms that you should follow to keep your kids safe.

1. Your Kid Should be Above the Age of 6 to Use the Top-Bunk:

The upper bunk is a dangerous place to sleep for kids below the age of six as it is not safe for a younger kid to climb up on his/her own and sleep at that height. A bigger kid understands the hazards of jumping from the top of the bed hence will be safer when sleeping on the top bunk. The bottom bunk is safer for younger children and babies should have their separate cot.

2. Switch on a Night Lamp in the Room:

Do not let your kids sleep in a completely dark room as they may get hurt climbing down the bunk bed at night. A night lamp will ensure that it illuminates the room at night for the kids to climb down safely.

3. The Bunk Rails Should be Height Enough:

The rail of the bunk should at least be 16 cm higher than the mattress so that the child does not roll out of the bed.

4. The Mattresses Should Not be too Thick:

Buying the right bunk shorty bed mattress is an important safety factor. A mattress that is too thick can decrease the safety railing height hence choose a low-profile mattress for your kid's safety. You also need to go for a non-bouncy mattress for the top-bunk so that the kids do not jump on the bed and get hurt.

5. Follow the Assembly Instructions Carefully:

When the bunk bed arrives, it is important you assemble the frame correctly by following the instructions step-by-step. Make sure that when you complete, there should not be any spare parts left to ensure that the bed you have built is safe and secure.

6. Do Not Allow More than One Child on the Top-Bunk:

It is important to teach your kids not to overcrowd the top bunk, hence make a rule that only one kid is allowed on the top bunk at a time.

7. Place the bed in a Safe Corner of the Room:

As the kid who sleeps on the top bunk can reach for the ceiling hence, it is essential to place the bed in the room's corner which is away from the window and electrical fittings.

8. Install the Guard Rail on Four Sides:

You may position the bunk bed against the wall, but that does not mean you skip installing the guard-rail on the backside of the bed. There will always be a gap between the bed and the wall, hence installing 100% railing is essential for your kid's safety.

The Bottom Line- It is a Bed, not a Climbing Castle:

Kids tend to find their bunk beds as a playing area, which can be dangerous. They may be leaning from the top bunk or climb up and down the ladder which should be discouraged. Kids also tend to jump down from the top bunk without using the ladder. If you wish to get a bunk bed for your kids, then instruct them to adhere to certain rules for their own safety and randomly keep a watch on them. So choose the one that is most comfortable for your kids and one that helps you maintain overall health.

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