8 Great Gifts for the Skier In Your Life


Are you looking for just the right gift for an avid skier you know? If this is the case, you'll want some guidance on what items are the most practical and high quality to suit their needs. From special gear to passes that will allow you to visit many ski resorts in the United States, the following guide is sure to give you some good ideas.

Wildhorn Ski Helmet

Skiers and snowboarders alike will be able to use a strong and durable ski helmet. The Wildhorn Ski Helmet is comfortable and it has a built-in goggle strap for your convenience. You can use them any time you go out on the slopes. The prices do range substantially, so you'll want to do some searching around for something that fits within your budget. Check the reviews to see what a good buy these are. They'll keep you safe while you're out braving those slopes.

Epic Pass

Do you know someone who'd love to visit multiple ski resorts across the country? If so, they're sure to enjoy making use of the Epic Season Pass. Use it at more than 60 ski resorts around the United States. It truly is one of those ultimate gifts that will have them in awe. Not only is it convenient to have this pass rather than have to stop and get tickets wherever they go, but it will also save them some money. This is a major win since they'll have many other expenses that come with traveling and getting gear.

Phytoactive Hydra-Firm Intense Mask

Developed and produced by Royal Fern, this is a formula that offers instant hydration, which is especially important after you've been out on the slopes for the day. Your skin is exposed to the elements, and it deserves this soothing mask that has a highly concentrated fern extract and botanical actives. It also contains sea buckthorn, mineral oxides that reflect the UV light, wild rose blossoms, and African Voacanga tree seeds. This will leave you feeling refreshed and make your skin more firm and smooth.

Reversible Throw Blanket

The David Fussenegger Gondola reversible throw has been created for skiers by the famous Austrian company that's been in business for more than 150 years - and long ago learned that a little extra warmth indoors or outdoors is invaluable. It features a winter-themed ski gondola and comes in charcoal grey. The reversible throw depicts a vintage skiing tradition out of Europe combined with a modern design aesthetic. It's mostly made of cotton with some polyester and rayon and can be washed on cold in a washing machine with a low tumble dry.

Suunto 9 Baro Next-Gen Multisport GPS Watch

This watch is excellent for athletes who operate at all levels. It's made to stand up against the most intense situations and last for up to 120 hours with the GPS function because it has a top-notch smart battery management system. There are over 80 sport-specific modes on the watch and three of these are designed for skiing. The settings are for touring, nordic, and alpine modes. The watch tracks your speed, navigation, laps, and heart rate, as well as the details of your ascent and descent.

Legend 02 Sunglasses

Jean Vuarnet, the legendary skier, wore this model of sunglasses at the 1960 Winter Olympics that were held in Squaw Valley, California. Do you think that could have played a role in the fact that he won at the event? They definitely are worthy of such a successful athlete, and they were the first produced by Vuarnet. They now are offered in 19 combinations of colors.

Restore Thermal High Rise Leggings

What do you wear underneath your snowsuit or snow pants? Your best bet is a pair of high-waisted thermal leggings from Restore. They are great for women who want that extra level of warmth while staying as stylish as possible. You even can have them double as incredibly comfortable pajamas.

Gripper Heated Sensor Gloves

Would you ever have believed you can charge your gloves so that they stay heated? That's right, the Gripper Heated Sensor Gloves are rechargeable, allowing you to get them ready right before you're about to go out in the cold for your skiing adventure. The gloves are windproof, waterproof, and you can use them with ease on your touch-screen devices.

In addition to what's on this list, there are many other amazing options for presents you can give to loved ones who enjoy skiing. Whether they plan to spend all day out on the slopes or would like to balance it out with plenty of relaxing time in their lodging, be sure that they'll have plenty of accessories and creature comforts for themselves and whoever else is out there. Take the time and energy to put together a bundle of valuable items that will be perfect for any ski vacation.