7 Tips to Know When Buying Your First Car

New car

There more than a billion passenger cars worldwide and the number is increasing by the day. This means that you’re not the only first-time car buyer out there. However, unless you have a friend who happens to be an auto mechanic, there are high chances you’ll miss some important aspects of shopping for a car. Luckily, we have prepared 7 tips to help you get the right vehicle you require the first time around.

Take the offer for a test drive

Nearly all car dealerships offer test drives for prospective customers. Even if you have driven the particular model before, accept the offer to take the car for a spin (with the dealer in the passenger’s seat, naturally).

Virtual showrooms will never be able to supplant the benefits of a real-life test drive. Only after you sit behind the car’s steering wheel will you start noticing tall the details: the height of the seat, the texture of the dashboard, outward visibility, throttle tip-in, etc.

The usual half-an-hour test drive should give you a pretty accurate estimate of how it would feel to drive that particular car every day to work or take it to the seaside. Even if the sales representative fails to mention the possibility of a test drive, bring the subject up.

Shopping for a car online

The trend of purchasing cars online really took off in 2020 but is it wise to buy a car without ever seeing it in person and having it delivered the same way you order a pizza? The answer to this dilemma is not a straightforward one but first-time car buyers should choose a dealership over online purchasing.

There is so much you have to learn about evaluating cars and you won’t learn anything by clicking the mouse button. Choose a dealership near your place of residence or a dealer that has a significant turnaround and take your time choosing the right type of vehicle for you.

A dealer you can deal with

Unfortunately, car manufacturers don’t sell vehicles to clients directly but they use a network of privately-owned dealerships. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if (and that’s a big “if”) you are able to find the right dealer. Don’t get us wrong, most car dealers are amicable but they should also understand that you’re buying your first car and go extra lengths to help you select the ideal vehicle.

Be careful when it comes to monthly installments

Only the lucky or thrifty people can afford to purchase their first car for cash. Most folks head to the bank to take out a car loan, which is quite affordable nowadays. While this financing method is just fine, you have to be realistic about the monthly installments. 

Perhaps your credit rating and present salary allow you to pay off the vehicles faster but you have to include maintenance costs as well. The warranty doesn’t cover the damage you inflict on your beloved four-wheeler by accident.

Furthermore, getting the best car service quotes are necessary if you want to flaunt your brand new cruiser and save some money. Always think beyond the base obligation (the car loan), as you need to cover the cost of insurance policies, maintenance, and fuel. 

Research car models thoroughly

Whether you’re buying a used car or a brand new vehicle, you need to research the brand or model you like. You needn’t become an automotive exert but you should demonstrate an active interest in the topics.

What’s the fuel consumption of a particular model, does it lose on value after a couple of years, and which transmission works best with the model are just some of the questions should know the answer to. Trust us, once you get interested in the topic, you’ll be stopping motorists to enquire about their car’s specs.

Know what you want

The reason why an extensive search is needed before you make the down payment on a particular vehicle is trying to find the best possible ride for the money you are prepared to spend. We will be frank: don’t expect to get everything you want from a car.

It is wise to create a shortlist of 5 things that a car must have (automatic transmission, top mileage for used cars, a caravan and not a hatchback, etc.) and then add 5 optional features (leather seats, remotely adjustable rearview mirrors, chore hubcaps, etc.).

This way, you will approach the matter realistically and won’t get disappointed by the market and sellers.

Don’t forget to enjoy the purchase!

Yes, purchasing a car for the first time can be stressful. However, you need to both methodical and happy-go-lucky if you want to save money and keep a smile on your face. Hey, you are going to have a car of your own for the first time in your life, isn’t that a cause for celebration!

Now that you know the 7 tips listed above, you are ready to start visiting dealerships. Once you learn the ropes with your first car, after a couple of years you’ll be helping your friends pick out their vehicles. 

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