7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Favorite Smartphone

7 Reasons to Upgrade Your Favorite Smartphone

You've made all the arrangements. You booked your lodge for the weekend; you let family, friends, and co-workers know you'll be off the grid all weekend. Now, the night before you leave, you pull out your phone to check your reservations one last time — only for it to freeze. Who knows how long you'll have to wait this time to see if your phone is going to crash or not?

In our (responsible) efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we sometimes forget that reusing — in this case, by holding onto an older smartphone model — can eat up more resources. Older phones also may be too slow to work with newer, faster 4G LTE networks. All major carriers currently offer 4G LTE networks: A recent study found that T-Mobile's 4G LTE network has surpassed the competition as the fastest network available in the United States. And with T-Mobile working to expand its Extended Range LTE, your older smartphone could be left behind. If you've been stalling, now is the time to splurge (responsibly) on a new phone.

You Receive Better Water Resistance for Your Phone

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Whether you're snapping selfies on the beach or taking calls after rock climbing, the risk of water damage is real. The more active your lifestyle, the more important it is that your phone be a water-, dust-, and damage-resistant phone. A new phone can give you the water resistance you need for any adventure.

You Get a Phone That Scores High on Environmental Friendliness 

Companies and their practices change every year. The phone you bought three years ago may have been an environmentally friendly choice at the time, but have you checked the most recent Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics yet? If your current phone is no longer the epitome of green, it may be time to seek a more eco-conscious replacement. 

You Gain Network Compatibility with an Upgraded Phone

Today, 4G LTE networks have outstripped their predecessors. If you're not sure if your phone is 4G LTE compatible, you can check in a few different places, starting in your phone's settings. Phones that are not 4G LTE compatible have lower download speeds, which eat up time, battery life, and energy. Now that it's time to upgrade, make sure your new phone is a 4G LTE-compatible phone before you buy it.

You Benefit From a Phone With Enhanced Graphics

Whether you use your phone for work or strictly for personal use, graphics are important. New smartphones have made huge improvements in their graphics performance in recent years. You may not need high-end graphics while your phone is dictating directions to yoga class, but they will come in handy when you can't find the studio and need help getting around to the right side of the block.  
You Can Capture Images With an Improved Camera
Phone cameras have come a long way, baby. Where we once made up for grainy, pixillated photos with heavy filters, family and friends now expect clear, frame-worthy shots from vacations, birthday parties, the first day of school, and more. Stay engaged with better pics and a better connection to your loved ones.

You Can Enjoy Greater Battery Life

Low battery life may seem like an isolated inconvenience, but the ripple effect spreads much farther than the palm of your hand. While newer phone chargers are designed to convert minimal energy into maximum charge, the older your phone, the less efficient your charger will be. Over time, these repeated charges add up, decreasing the phone's overall efficiency. Combined with the increased necessity of charging your phone to get through the day, you've greatly impacted your energy consumption.

You Get a Phone That Matches Your Personal Needs

Not all phones are created equal. While your phone may have been perfect for you when you got it, people change. Over time, our needs change as well, and you may find your phone no longer meets those needs. 
Make sure you pack your new 4G LTE phone for your next adventure. It can be your lifeline, your atlas, and your biggest resource.

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