6 Ways Pizza Can be a Healthy Food for You

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Despite being the epitome of a perfect snack, pizza is not in good books of the health conscious lot. The fitness freak lot considers it as a fat-inducing food, while the common mass treats pizza as a quick bite. But what most of us do not know that pizza can actually have a good impact on our body. Apart from combining a crispy crust, topped with mouth-watering sauce with the choicest of protein enriched toppings, pizza boosts immunity level. Such unknown facts are revealed in this post. Read the complete post to know more about why pizza is a healthy food.

Pizza boosts blood circulation in the brain

Spinach, high in folate, is extensively used as toppings. Folate is one of those crucial vitamins that promotes blood circulation in our brain. According to health experts, spinach contains Vitamin K, which has the ability to slow down cognitive decline, if consumed on a daily basis. A pizza containing spinach as toppings affect your serotonin levels, which can influence both the positive and negative emotions residing within you. If your pizzeria does not serve spinach toppings, get a normal thin crust pizza and load it with spinach toppings.

Pizza sauce boosts immunity

The sauce used on pizza is rich in Vitamin C. Human body needs this nutrient to fight against bacteria and viruses that can cause regular illnesses like a cold. If the recipe includes oregano, the chances of immunity boost get higher. Oregano has Carvacrol, an active ingredient that helps to keep the human liver healthy as well as balances your blood sugar.

Pizza fights cancer

Believe it or not, pizza does have the qualities to fight certain types of cancers. So, if you incorporate a few slices on your regular diet, you are certainly protecting yourself from getting cancer. As per studies, a bi-weekly pizza eater has 59 percent fewer chances to develop cancer of the esophagus, 34 percent fewer chances of developing throat cancer, and 26 percent less chance of getting colon cancer.

Pizza helps to absorb more lycopene

Most of the pizzas have tomatoes invariant quantity. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant compound helpful in preventing heart diseases and illnesses. A food packed in lycopene and fat make your body absorb the antioxidant better. So, better you get those extra cheese.

It contains nutritious ingredients

The right combination of toppings can fetch a lot of health benefits. Instead of choosing extra cheese and meat from pizza menu, settle down for a thin crust pizza to limit the chances of gaining empty calories. Add plenty of veggies, fruit, lean meats, dairy, and grain. The cheese covers the dairy intake of the eater while the crust provides with daily grain intake.

Pizza is packed with protein

Cheese, the super gooey milk product is loved by all. According to sources, a single slice of pizza contains approx 15 grams of protein. Apart from giving you energy, it also helps to repair body cells and make your muscles strong.

Healthy tips for Pizza Eaters

The nutritional value of your pizza largely depends on the toppings. So, every regular pizza eater should keep the intake of sodium, fat and extra calories under control. If you have pizza as a substitute for your regular meal, opt for slices made with thinner crusts and loaded with fresh veggies. While pizzas loaded with pork, beef, and bacon taste great, regular consumption of them can cause harm to you. Be aware while having frozen pizzas, as some of them even contain trans fats too. To make a healthy pizza, the inclusion of ingredients like part-skimmed mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce can be a wise decision. Mozzarella is a rich source of protein while tomato sauce is rich in Vitamin A and C. If the pizzeria gives you an option to choose from a range of veggies, do opt for broccoli, asparagus, and peas as toppings.

Pizza has no substitute in the world. It is the only food that has traveled length and breadth of the world and yet has only evolved to become a better version of it. Whenever one needs a delicious friend, pizza has always been there. So, make pizza a part of your diet and boost your immunity to fight the diseases.

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