6 Top Indoor Fun Games for Children

fun indoor games

Indoor games are ideal to pass the hours of fun. There are many games that you can play at home. It is not possible to leave the house with the children if it rains. Or someone is sick.

The indoor games can be worked with didactic contents such as art or a cooking workshop. Here are some suggestions for games to play at home with children.

However, there are days when time does not accompany or where you do not want to leave the house. We propose some games to enjoy an at home. Fun is guaranteed for children as well as for mom and dad.

Children want to play, no matter what time it is or how long it takes. These are some proposals for games for the whole family that you can enjoy at home.


6 Indoor Fun Games for your Children 


1- The blind drawing

This game is suitable for children of all ages. You need to collect pens or pencils, sheets of paper and tape to cover your eyes. To begin the game, participants should be seated with their covered eyes. At the same time, pencil and paper will be kept in their hands.

Each of the participants is told, in a low voice, what they should draw on the paper. Once it is over, the rest you have been observing should try to guess what has been drawn.


2. Customized postcards

If kids are on vacation or a birthday or a special date is coming soon, it will be a great fun to make some postcards to send to friends or family. You just need a postcard, paintings and a pencil or pen (in addition to an envelope and stamp).

Now you will let the child draw what he wants ... On the other hand, encourage him telling briefly how he is doing it, what he does during the day, etc. Finally, tell him to make a text and in the end, let him put his signature (if he already knows how to write his name).


3. A cardboard house

Or a car, a plane ... Everything is possible if you have a cardboard box that is big enough for the child to fit inside. To make the house you have to place the box with the opening facing down and cut out the holes in the door and the windows (you can do it ourselves).


The child can take care of decorating it. Kids can paint the tiles, the fireplace, pots with flowers, a mailbox, etc. When they finish it, they can play with it. To make a car, the box is placed upside down, so that the child can get inside. He will be responsible for drawing the wheels, the controls, etc.


4. Invent a story

It's more fun if parents play with them. Someone starts the story and the others, in turn, add a couple of sentences to complete the story. The best thing is for an adult to write it down. The result is usually a very funny story.


5. What animal am I thinking about?

A child chooses an animal and, without telling anyone, imitates it in the sight of everyone. He who guesses it will take his place. And so on. It's not good to talk, just gesticulate and make sounds.


6. Kitchen game

Kitchen game is a great way to improve the kid's artistic works. You just prepare kids' favorite dishes and introduce the recipe to your kid's step by step so that they can learn the name of vegetables.


Finally, let your kids do what they want. And let them disappear their creative world through the fun activities.

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