6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home's Value for a Summer Sale

6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home's Value for a Summer Sale

If you're planning on selling your home this summer there are few things that you can do for a quick and easy upgrade, potentially increase your home's value, and improving your profit. Here are six easy ways to increase your home's value for a summer sale.

#1. Paint. 

Paint is always an easy fix whether it's interior or exterior. At the very least, you should consider painting the exterior trim of your house. This adds a fresh look and makes the color pop. You might also consider painting a few of the main rooms inside the house. Over time walls can get dinged, damaged, or even dirty. Giving them a fresh coat of paint adds value and new life to the home.

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#2. Add easy curb appeal.

You can make the front of your house pop and stand out among all of your competition simply by doing a few little tasks. Make sure your landscape is weeded, lawns are mowed and flowers and bushes are neatly trimmed. A new layer of mulch can be one of the quickest ways to add curb appeal and remember, the outside of your home is usually the first picture that homebuyers will see, so you want to make a statement.

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#3. New appliances.

Appliances can be a little bit expensive but if you can upgrade your appliances I would suggest doing so. This can add a modern feel and look to the house and create a sense of stability to the buyers know that you're working on upgrading the house. This also might give them a clue that the rest of the house is upgraded as well.

#4. Add new bedding and linens.

New bedding can transform the look of a bedroom. Choose fluffy, solid tones or light colors that are gender-neutral. Lots of fluffy bedding, pillows, and accent pieces can really make a statement in a bedroom, kid's room or guest room. This is where the more pillows the better. All those pillows that your spouse may complain about may actually be beneficial to selling by staging the bedrooms the way resorts would. Think about a 5-star resort and how they decorate the beds and linens and try and emulate that.

#5. Easy bathroom upgrades.

A newly painted vanity, new fixtures, lighting, and hardware can make an old bathroom seem fresh and new again. A new rug, matching shower curtain, and sleek accessories can really add a sense of serenity and tranquility. Same with setting the scene, create a relaxing environment in the bathroom with crisp, white towels, rolls of towels, green plants, and candles. You want to create a spa-like setting that will entice buyers to want to relax and feel rejuvenated.

#6. Set the table.

This is more than simply setting your dining room table; it's setting a scene that will add charm and ambiance to every room of the house. If you have an office, set up the table with a notepad, pencil, perhaps a pair of glasses. In the bedroom set up a nightstand with a small vase of flowers, a good book, and reading glasses.

If you have an outside space consider setting up an outdoor table or patio set complete with flowers on the table ready for entertaining. Bathrooms should be staged as if you're in a spa. Have a neat basket with white linens, basic toiletries, and fresh greenery. Kitchens should look clean, uncluttered, and maybe with just one or two items on the counter.

Simply by doing these steps you can stage a home that will sell fast and create an impressive design for potential buyers.

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