5 Top Items for Fruit Handling


With the heat and the urge for a cold beverage, comes the craving for fruit in any shape or form. During the last couple of years, all kinds of accessories were invented to satisfy that urge. It does not matter if it's chopping, slicing, grinding, or mixing it, there are more gadgets and unique items to handle fruit more than there is fruit in the world. Since a lot of people informed me they were lost or the item did not live through their expectation, I have decided to see it out for myself.
In this post you will see a few top rated examples on a few items that you can easily purchase anywhere in the internet or shops next to you.
Here are a few examples for the best items out there, and the unique things these fruit accessories can accomplish.

  1)The watermelon Slicer is a product taking the world by storm.
Rated as one, if not the highest, fruit slicer being bought in the world, I recommend it after personally trying it.
By using two hands you make the task of slicing the watermelon short and easy, as oppose to the normal way people do it.
 It is durable, blades made from stainledd steel assure accurate and easy cutting through the watermelon, and a decent price is easy to find.

  2) The Pineapple curer slicer is an amazing item that gives you the option to slice through your pineapple and take almost a 100 percent of the fruit out, and in a cool spiral shape too. This item is also way up there in the top selling rank,so there are more than a few feedbacks and recommendations for it.and I highly recommend it.
Who would not like to eat his pineapple without all the work.

3) Hot vegetable spiral slicer is a relativly new invention made to take hot vegetable or fruit and slice it in a way that is comes out almost like noodles.
This item is sturdy and will not break for a very long time, nost important is, that it works on hard vegetables too., but you need to boil it a bit first.
Even though it is made for vegetable, it is being used for fruit as well with no extra fuss around it. The result and the fun of eating the fruit/vegetable that way is well worth the purchase.

4)Even thohgh we mentiond a watermelon slicer before, this one is worth mentioning again. Some people like having a big, flawless slice of watermelon in their hands. For that reason, this is the number 1 selling product when it comes to slicing watermelon up. This amazing item gives you the option to cut perfect slices up.

5)The Multi-functional fruit peeler looks simple, but infactit is genius.
Bear in mind this worls on almost every fruit out there. from cantaloupe to apples.
This multi-functional item gives you the option to peel almost any fruit with ease, and most important with almost no effort. You can find it in a fair price virtually anywhere, and it will last you years.

When those hot summer days come, Drinking water is good for the body, but eating fruites that are cold and in a fun way is for the soul. Bear in mind that there are a lot of items out there claimg they are the best for fruit handling or peeling slicing chopping and so on, but the ones in the post above are my personnal recommendations after using them myself. I hope that the information above is satisfying and more important, will guide you through your purchases.


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