5 Things You Must Pack for Your Next Vacation

5 Things You Must Pack for Your Next Vacation

Packing for a well-deserved vacation is an art form. Arranging everything in your suitcase just so, not over-packing and not packing too lightly takes a lot of care and consideration. You know as a responsible adult to not forget things like extra underwear and your toothbrush, but there are some other things you should always pack that aren’t quite so obvious. Here are some items not to forget when you are packing for your next vacation that will make your trip more fun and keep you prepared for anything.

Throw in a Little Flair

Going on a vacation is the perfect time to be a little daring, or at least be a little bolder in your wardrobe choices. Instead of wearing what you normally wear, why not add a little pizazz and color to your outfit with some fun socks? Socks are something most people don’t notice, but it will be fun that only you know they are covered with yellow elephants. Those socks you got as a gag gift at the company Christmas party three years ago? Now is the perfect time to break them in. If anyone does notice them, they will think you are artsy and cool.

Get Ready for Rain

Something most people would rather avoid on vacation is rain. No matter how unlikely it may seem, bringing an umbrella is always a good idea. Something small and cheap and compact is ideal, it can fit in the bottom of your carry-on bag and be forgotten about until you need it. Lugging around a nice umbrella is a pain to deal with. Bringing a cheap one that you don’t mind getting stolen or lost still does the job and you’ll forget it is there until you need it. Being wet when you don’t want to be is no fun.

Prepare for a Swim 

On the subject of being wet, you never know when the opportunity for a relaxing dip in the pool might come up. Packing a swimsuit is always a good idea, even if you have no plans to get into the water on your vacation. Your hotel might have a hot tub that you overlooked, or you might be invited to someplace with a pool. Even in the winter, packing a swimsuit is a must. You may not need it, but the worst is if you need one and don’t have one.

Have Snacks at the Ready

The worst-case scenario while traveling is being hungry and not having access to food, or only having access to expensive bad food. You might have a long layover at an airport and you need a snack, but there are no good options. There might be a restaurant, so you could spend $25 for the worst club sandwich of your life, or you could snack on something you brilliantly brought with you. Stowing a few granola bars or a baggie of trail mix in your carry-on is a veteran move that could very well save your sanity when you are hungry and your options on the airplane are undesirable.

Prepare Your Papers

An important thing to do when traveling anywhere, vacation or not, is to make extra copies of all your important documents and tickets and keep them in your purse or carry-on bag. Make a photocopy of your passport and any visas you needed to get for your travels. Make photocopies of reservations and the front and back sides of your credit cards, and be sure to have any emergency numbers written down for easy access in case you need them. This will make your life so much easier if your passport or wallet or purse gets lost or stolen.

Being prepared can make your next vacation the best one ever. Have a little fun with your wardrobe, bring along a swimsuit and a cheap umbrella, and don’t forget the back-up documents and snacks. Then, you’ll be having the time of your life without a worry in the world.

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