5 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Underwear

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Underwear is an essential undergarment for both men and women. There are so many different types of underwear options for both men and women in the market. But even then almost 90% of the individuals end up with the wrong underwear. The different styles and fits that are available offer versatility but at the same time also come with a variety of potential issues as well.

Whether you’re looking for boxer briefs for men or hipsters for women, there are telltale signs that you’re wearing the wrong underwear. Your underwear can completely ruin your look or even ruin your day. So, if you’re noticing these 5 signs, then it means you’re wearing the wrong underwear and it is time that you treat yourself with the right one to uplift your comfort level.

They’re Annoying and Noticeable

Your underwear should form to your skin so much so that you shouldn’t notice that you’re even wearing any. So, the first sign that you’re wearing the wrong underwear is that you are thinking about your underwear. The seams should be smooth, and your movement should feel effortless. Underwear that is baggy or annoying and rubbing up against the wrong places means you either don’t have the right fit or style or that it’s time to get new pairs. You want to find underwear that isn’t noticeable. Ones that are so comfortable you feel like you’re not wearing any.

They’re Riding Up

We’ve all faced this issue before. Your underwear is riding up between your legs or giving you a “wedgie”. It’s uncomfortable, and the thought of picking your “wedgie “out in public can seem humiliating. The reason behind this is that your underwear is either too small for the coverage you need or the elastic of the underwear has been stretched too far. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to get a new pair. The underwear has seen its day, or you need to invest in a more accurate fit.

They’re Bunching

Most men experience the bunching of underwear which is typical for standard boxers. The fabric is too loose-fitting and causing the underwear to bunch up in all the wrong places. The bulky fabric also means you’re not wearing the right underwear for the outfit you’re wearing. For example, men shouldn’t wear baggy boxers when they have to wear slim-fitting dress pants. It will alter the look and make your pants not look very sleek. All while you’re dealing with the discomfort of bunching underwear. Bunching is a no-go when it comes to underwear.

Restricted Legs

Underwear shouldn’t be so tight that your movement becomes restricted. As mentioned before, accurately fitting underwear should feel like you aren’t wearing any so if you notice your legs are feeling tight or that you might rip your pants when you bend over then it’s time to change up your underwear game. You either are wearing a size too small or the style isn’t fitting your body type. This is where good research comes in.

Loose Waistline

No one wants to pull up on their underwear all day. If you’re noticing your underwear is falling off your hips or not comfortable hugging your waistline then you’re wearing the wrong underwear. This could be caused by weight loss or simply that your underwear has endured too much wear and tear.  

Final Words

Underwear shopping is definitely one of the trickiest things that you have ever to go through. Since the stores don’t allow you to try them on for hygiene reasons and it is impossible for you to check it online, you are left with no choice but to guess the size – at least that is what most people do and end up with the wrong underwear.

The trick to underwear shopping is to know your measurements precisely. Although, every brand has different size charts, but if you know what measurements you are looking for, you can definitely get the right size. People often ignore the fact that a wrong-sized undergarment can not only ruin the entire outfit but can also make them feel uncomfortable all day long. So, instead of compromising, do some research and get yourself the right underwear!

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