5 Hottest 2019 Enterprise Mobility Trends to Stun You

 Enterprise Mobility Trends

In the last few years, we have seen tremendous growth of flexible working and remote operations. The credit for this immense growth goes to enterprise mobility solutions. At the same time, the adoption of remote working has significantly contributed to the advancement of enterprise mobility technology as well. We have also witnessed a huge growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as well. As most of the employees of a firm feel more comfortable working in their own devices. However, at the same time, there a few challenges that the enterprise mobility world has been facing as well, and one of them is security. But, still we have seen many innovations in the sector, and many are expected in 2019. In this article, we will explore the hottest enterprise mobility trends to watch out for in 2019.

Why is enterprise mobility market growing so rapidly?

Enterprise mobility market is rising at a rapid pace. This is because companies have realized the importance of many new age technological inventions like cloud computing. Therefore, they have started adopting technology which enhances and modernizes their overall technology ecosystem. At the same time, companies are constantly on the lookout for technologies that help them improve their performances but cut costs. This is where the role of enterprise mobility solutions is pretty prominent. As, these solutions not only help the firms to improve their productivity, enhance the quality of operations, but these solutions also help the firms to cut down costs. As firms do not have to invest on a large scale IT infrastructure if the BYOD culture is adopted. Also, the workflow becomes quite smooth and efficient. Also, the changes in delays are reduced as employees can access a lot of work straightaway through their own devices. The market of enterprise mobility is only expected to grow in the near future.

Listed below are a few of the top trends in the enterprise mobility world to be expected in 2019:

5G will take the speed of operations to another level

The buzz surrounding 5G is everywhere, but now the time has come when people can actually experience 5G. 5G will be a transformational innovation and it will compel the carriers to reconsider their network setups. In the year 2019 and 2020, 5G will cover most of the basis. And, plenty of employees will be using 5G. 5G connectivity is expected to be out in 2019. With this, there will be many economical as-a-Service packages available for the users as well. Also, a large variety of new carriers might also enter the market or widen their horizons. But, when it comes to enterprise mobility, there is no doubt about the fact that 5G will boost the speed of operations.

Artificial Intelligence will lead to groundbreaking innovations

In 2019, we can expect a superb amalgamation of AI and enterprise mobility. Both machine learning and AI will turn out to be the backbone of flourishing technological innovations in the field of enterprise mobility as well. AI will definitely impact mobility solutions in many ways. Starting from the development of cross-platform mobile applications to enhancing the user experiences, AI will empower the industry in many ways. Also, Ai will be helping the experts to enrich the security domain as well. Artificial Intelligence and many new age technologies will be used to solidify the security of data which is being transmitted through plenty of different mobile devices. This will be possible only because of cutting-edge speech and visual gesture recognition.

Data Security and digital transformation

Data is and will always remain a vital aspect when it comes to accelerating digital transformation. Through an advanced analysis platform, experts will discover useful insights. Also, digital transformation leaders will be able to optimize the data in order to amplify transformation. Companies will have to find out better and safer data management solutions. As firms might be considered responsible for data vulnerabilities, therefore, they have to ensure that the technology that they are using is strong enough to safeguard the data.

More remote working opportunities

Though, there are various reasons that lead to the rise of enterprise mobility solutions, but more demand will also be one of the major factors. In 2019, we can see more remote working opportunities. This will lead to the requirement of many more and better enterprise mobility solutions. At the same time, even advancement in the field of enterprise mobility solutions will lead to more remote working opportunities.

Growth of IoT and Enterprise Mobility

Internet of Things is linked to Enterprise Mobility in many ways. As both include the connection of several mobile devices. The core of both IoT and Enterprise Mobility is the connection between various smart devices that focus on easing communication. The connection between IoT and enterprise mobility will surely lead to the enhancement of the productivity and growth of the firms. Only the companies who are using the latest technologies and devices will be able to experience a boost in productivity. With the help of interconnected devices which employees would be using at different places, firms will find it easier to track from their day-to-day interactions. This will also enable the firm to devise behavior pattern. Needless to say, it is going to benefit both the employee and the company in many ways.

Also, in the year 2019, we can see a lot more adoption of cloud computing. Though, many firms have already started using various cloud services. But, in 2019, this trend is going to grow. This will make the adoption and integration of enterprise mobility solutions a lot easy.

Many Enterprise mobile apps development experts have been predicting plenty of cutting edge trends in the enterprise mobility market for the year 2019. Many of these latest innovations are expected to bring plenty of changes throughout the enterprise mobility ecosystem.  Mobile technology is expected to grow in many ways. And, there are plenty of innovations expected specifically in the world of enterprise mobility world as well, and the companies are all set to make the most of it.

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