5 Good Reasons to Make a Will

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Sitting down and making a will is a difficult thing for so many people. However, it is best to handle these things entirely pragmatically and instead look into it as an essential piece of life admin. There are lots of practical benefits to having an official will in writing, and here are five of the best ones.

Protecting Your Estate

If you own property, a will is simply a no-brainer. When you die, if you have a specific request for what happens to your home or other assets, then you must state it in this legal document. This is the only tenable way to ensure your wishes are honoured in the most appropriate way.

As a very simple example, let’s say you do not have a will and the unwanted happens. Are you sure your family will get all your belongings? If you have brothers or sisters, or even distant cousins, they might actually contest this. The will is going to protect you from such a situation. You can then rest assured your estate will go into the right hands since you can name the succession.

As another example, let’s say you and your family have problems. You do not want members of your family to get your estate. If the will does not exist, this is going to happen. It is a situation you can only avoid with the will.  

Financial Safety For Your Family

If you die before your children have grown, or you are the sole income provider for your household, then financial security is bound to be a top priority for anyone you leave behind. A will can state where your money goes and how it is distributed so that everyone you love is not left without the means to live. If you want part of your money to go to a charity, this can also be done with the use of the will. It is one of the reasons why so many people create wills in the first place.

To Dictate Guardianship

As parents, there is nothing worse to imagine than leaving our children behind before it is time. That is why it is entirely smart to sit down and dictate a guardian just in case the worst were to happen. This person or people will be the ones named to look after your children if you are no longer here, and it is always good to have this in writing so that you know they will be well cared for by the right people. It will ensure a smooth transition and not be contestable.

Dictating guardianship without the will is not a simple process as you might believe. The courts get involved and it is the one with the best case who gets the guardianship. The will protects exactly from this.

Reduce the Risk of a Legal Challenge

If you don’t have a will, then there can be many legal challenges after you pass. Whether it is about your property or your savings, with no one named as a beneficiary, things get a little complicated. There may be multiple claims and a drawn-out process that is entirely unnecessary. Cut the complexities and name it outright so that everyone knows and can move forward.

Nobody wants to pass away and then the family fights over assets. Legal challenges are often seen as not possible or highly unlikely when the truth is that they are so much more common than we tend to believe.

For General Peace of Mind

Nobody likes to think about dying. However, knowing that your effects and affairs are all wrapped up and taken care of will reduce anxiety and feel empowering. Simply put, the will might actually help you to live longer.

What’s The Best Course of Action?

If you are considering creating a Last Will and Testament document, contact a law firm with experience like P.A. Duffy & Co Solicitors, as this is the best place to find the right support and guidance. They will talk you through the requirements and guide you every step of the way so that the process is as relaxed as possible. You will need to answer a lot of questions, so leave a lot of headspace for the appointment. There will be a fee to pay as well, but this not going to be too expensive.

Having a will is a good idea for anyone with assets or children. There have to be instructions in case of your death so that everything goes to the right place and nothing is left unanswered.

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