5 Fitness and Health Gadgets That Can Make Your Life Better

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Technology is pushing ahead at a rate of knots, and the acceleration is exponential. As a result, there are more sport and health-related gadgets on the market than ever before. This is great news for an average health fanatic. These devices are a great way of keeping track of your goals and ensuring that you’re able to stay a step ahead of everything. We’re going to be looking at five of the very best items around, including:
  • Sleep monitoring gadgets
  • Exercise tools
  • Smart Scales
Today’s Scales Tell You More Than Just Your Weight


  • If you’re looking for a set of scales with a difference, the Nokia Body Cardio is a great place to start. Not only can it give you an accurate reading of your weight. It can also take that information and use it to provide you with everything from your Body Mass Index to your heart health data. And if you link the device up to the Nokia Health Mate app, you can keep an ongoing, comprehensive rundown of your weight and weight goals that updates automatically.
  • The Nokia Steel HR Hybrid is a great way of keeping track of your daily movements. This wristwatch device monitors calories burned, distance traveled, sleeping patterns, and a lot more. It’s a really convenient way of keeping an ongoing record of your general fitness and goals. By connecting it up to the Nokia Health Mate app, you can automatically update your stats to keep an ongoing record of your fitness.
  • The Nokia Thermo is a new generation of the thermometer. This handy device is perfect for anyone taking medication, or those who may feel like they have a fluctuating body temperature. Using a huge number of automatic sensors, it’s able to take a detailed reading of a person’s temperature in seconds. When linked up to the Nokia Health Mate app, it allows you to keep an ongoing record of your body temperatureThis is great for anyone changing medication habits, as it allows you to work out how your body is responding to internal changes.


A Sleep Tracker Lets You Get the Best Rest Possible

  • The Sense Sleep Tracker is an ingenious all-in-one device that keeps an accurate record of your sleeping patterns. Not only can it work out when you wake up, it’s also got accurate sensors that record ambient light and sound and a microphone that picks up any snoring or other sounds you make. The result is a detailed picture of your sleeping habits, allowing you to determine any specific factors that may result in unsatisfactory rest.
  • The Withings Smart Body Analyser takes scales into the 21st Century. It features things that are common for smart scales, like a rundown of your body mass index. But it also has a few other cool tools. For instance, it monitors air quality, giving you an idea of the pollution in your area that you may be exposed to.
These are just a few of the amazing fitness gadgets available at the moment. The industry is booming, which is no surprise given the proven effects that technology can have on exercise. While these tools are great for their given purpose, they are even more important in terms of motivation. Many people find the ability to record their progress a great motivator, and we expect there are even more great options due in the near future. Online technology and the Internet of Things mean that more and greater tools are coming out every year. We can’t wait to see what’s on offer next year.

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