5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Favorite Dress Looking New!

We girls love to shop; there is nothing more fun activity in the world for us other than shopping. But unfortunately our bank balance doesn’t allow us to shop as much we want. Most of the times we are left with a closet full of clothes that are either old, look strained or full with fluff. We often find ourselves in this position every now and then and that’s why here we are with the five easiest ways to keep your favorite dress looking new.

 Always Examine The Labels

Yes, I know how much we all love to avoid reading the labels on our clothes, but that’s the first step in owning a perfect wardrobe. There is a reason why those labels are placed there they have a purpose to serve. You must follow the washing instructions given on the garments and washed it in the way it’s supposed to be done.  That means all lace items should be hand washed, stained clothes should be washed with hot water and fabrics that maintain their dye. On the other hand clothes which have color fading issues should be washed through cold water. Even your custom made dress shirts have labels on them which should be read in order to maintain a long life of the clothes. Personally, I like to design my own dress shirts that way I’m aware of the fabric and also know how to wash it.

Use Good Quality Products

It’s a really good idea that you buy your fabric washing detergents and products carefully and not compromise on their quality. Because it is a fact that in the long run your clothes will be washed with the same detergent a number of times and you should be sure that the fabric care product is doing well than harm. A fabric care product that cares for synthetic and natural fabrics both as well as preserves clothes while washing them is perfect.

Find the best of the best product for your clothes? Check if it removes the seen and unseen impurities from the clothes.

Unshrinking All Your Jeans

A lot of your clothes can’t handle the dryer, including your beloved jeans. It is quite frequent that we end up with our jeans shrunken which we only wore once. Well here is the solution to your this problem, take a bucket fill it with lukewarm water and add a capful of baby shampoo (it can be any baby shampoo). Let your jeans soak in and gently twill it around this will relax the fibers. Next take the jeans out of the bucket and gently squeeze the water out, don’t rinse it. Then lay it on a towel, you can pat the jeans with another towel till it’s damp and not wet.  Gently stretch it out as it lays to dry until it returns to its original form, you can also dry it under the fan and as a result you will get an unshrinking jean the next day.

Do The DIY

Removing stains can be pretty easy. You can do it yourself with simple items present at your home. Got a coffee stain? Simply rub some baking soda and its gone. Having a hard time with an oli stain? Put some corn flour over it and leave it overnight. Stains are easy to get rid of without stressing about them, all you need to do is keep quick solutions in your mind that are lying around the house and are not expensive.

Lint Aware!

We love our wool clothes – we love them till the time those pesky little lint balls start forming. Instead of spending a whole day in removing the lint all you need to do is take a razor and a mug of water to remove the lint from your wool clothes. Simply dip the razor in the water mug and the gently scrap the lint off. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure or your fabric will tear.

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