5 Critical Errors to Avoid During an Android Development Services

android app development services

Android app development requires a categorically planned process where a developer has to figure out what the customer wants the app to do and who they want it for. The next step is to create a rough idea of the look, feel, and functionality. This is where, as a developer, you have to create a mockup. Simply put, a mockup is a black and white outline for all the screens within the app, comprising of all the buttons and as much text as possible. 

In an android app development service, the final mockup is done by a professional. However, even if you are a newbie, this blog can help you to get off to a good start. Creating a mockup is the right way to critically evaluate your idea. Once a mockup is done, you might realize that the idea is not feasible at all. Therefore, the crucial factor to remember while creating a mockup is - airtight logic. To help you with this, here are 5 mistakes to avoid while creating a mockup during android app development services.

#1 NEVER Leave Out Screens

It's an obvious one. Your mockup is supposed to represent every screen on your app. Even if you miss out on a single screen, your mockup is incomplete. The confirmation screen after login - Yes, you need it. The reset password screen - Yes, you need that too! Even if there is a change in the background screen, you will need its separate representation in the mockup as a separate screen. Thus, every screen counts!

#2 DON'T Add Buttons that Don't Lead Everywhere

Anything that's not going to be there on the app, should NOT be on the mockup as well. This is THE golden rule of creating a mockup. When you are offering android app development services, your customers will want to know where every button leads. Thus, every button and screen MUST be connected logically.

#3 DON'T Include Screens with No Way to Get to Them

It is crucial to run through all the possible user actions in the app. This helps to keep all the screens connected. Think about changing the screens. Did you find a way to get to that screen? If it’s a Yes, then the screen addition is fine. If it’s a no, then it's time to add some buttons in!

#4 DON'T Add a Screen with No Way to Navigate Away from It

As an android app development company, when you think about the user-behavior, it can help you in detecting sticky screens. Previously, we mentioned that when you add a button it should lead to a screen. On the other hand, there has to be a button to leave a screen as well. If needed, you might have to add an extra icon for all the screens. Remember, the user must not get stuck on a screen with no way to get back. This also means you have to take care that the screen doesn't look too cluttered.

#5 DON'T Forget to Number Pages

Numbering pages is one of the best ways to keep a mockup organized. Also, it ensures good logic and flow. Organize the pages in a sequence that represents the user behavior while using the app. Number the mockup screens in the same order the users would see them. Page 1 should be the 1st screen for the users.

If the user has to go through the home page to visit a profile, the home page has to be the 1st page. It's intuitive, but it's also easy to mess up during android app development services. 

Avoid these critical errors to create a killer mockup. There are times when the only way to find your issues with your app idea is to write the screens exactly as the user will experience. As an android app development company, it is crucial to seek reviews from the internal team on the performance of an app before launching it. 

A mockup helps to get real-time opinions from people. Instead of sharing their opinions on a final product, they can give opinions on the actual set of mocked-up screens. A mockup is the closest thing to what a user shall experience in your app. It's the key to becoming a successful Appreneur since this will help the developers to offer better android app development services

A mockup helps to understand how the app translates an idea formulated in words to an idea presented on screen. You might see things in the mockup that looks great and then decide to add more of them, or you might see that there is not enough room on the screen for adding all the features and buttons you want.

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