5 Crazy Chicken Facts You Should Know

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Researchers believe the domestic chicken we have grown to love originated in Asia from jungle fowl. Today farmers depend on Hybrid chickens because they produce more product at a cheaper cost. Offspring of the birds don't provide the same results as their parents which makes the Hybrid chicken a 1-time use bird. The traditional birds are becoming more endangered even though there are an estimated 25billion birds in the world today. That's 4 live chickens to every 1 live human!

1.) Chickens Actually Are Smart Creatures.

Contrary to popular belief, a chicken is a smart social creature. A chickens social skills start early inside of the egg embryo while the mother hen talks to the baby inside of the eggs. studies show mother hens teach their offspring to avoid certain grains and other dangers. A chicken can remember up to 100 human faces and even distinguish between family pets! A baby chick can grasp the concept of Object permanence in 2 days vs the typical human baby learning at 7 months. I never knew chickens were so smart. I have always just thought to myself "Bird Brain".

Chickens can even count and do basic arithmetic in the early stages of life. 1 study put an equal amount of objects behind two screens. The researchers let the chicks watch as they moved the objects between screens. The chicks kept count and chose the screen with more objects! It is amazing how fast this little machine like creature pick up on and learn things.

2.) Chickens Speak Their Own Language.

Researchers have recorded 30 unique noises coming from chickens. Humans only make about 30 distinct noises. Of course, they don't have the mental capacity to pronounce vowels and words but they do speak in a language all of their own. For instance, if momma hen starts to make low-pitched and repetitive sounds she his telling her little ones to stay close. or if mommy makes a vibrating errrr sound its time for the babies to hide, there in imminent danger! But if momma is humming some rapidly repeated notes with a bit of randomness, she is happy and content with her day. Roosters have their own set of calls in their vocabulary, we all know what crowing means, I AM THE BOSS!

3.) Chickens Have a Strict Social Pecking Order.

Chickens are social birds, pet chickens are very playful. Chickens tend to love playing fetch and hide and seek with their owners, their diverse personalities make the games that much more fun. Chickens especially like to play brain games like figuring out how to get the food out of an upside-down cup. Its a treat for me to watch, chickens are smart determined little creatures that will teach other. On the other hand, a strict pecking order is kept to determine who makes the rules. If you are introducing two flocks together, expect a little bit of fighting. The strongest bird roos the roost, this is true for males and females alike. After the "Pecking Order" is determined it is usually smooth sailing from there.

4.) William Cook Brought Chickens New Life

In 1886 a man named William Cook brought the chicken back into popularity by creating a chicken that produces more meat and eggs. Mr. Cook crossbred Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks to create the Orpington Chicken. Cook showed these beautiful black birds to Madison Square Gardens in New York City and the have only become more popular since. William started a trend of genetically modifying poultry that becomes more the norm today, create a better chicken to produce more product with less money.

5.) Chickens Can See Better than You Can!

Chickens have two more additional sets of cones in their eyes compared to humans. This means that not only can a chicken see the same red green and blue colors a human can, they also see colors only visible to the violet and ultra-violet band of colors. This is what allows the Rooster to see the sun before you do! It also allows the mother ens to choose the stronger babies by inspecting the shininess on the little one's feathers.

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