4 Ways to a Better Nights Sleep


A fantastic nights sleep might seem like a dream for some, however it doesn’t have to be. With the importance of sleep to our health and well-being, it is shocking to hear how many people complain of a poor night’s sleep on a regular basis.

Waking up feeling revitalized and ready to go can positively affect one’s entire day through more energy, ability to make decisions and task efficiency. A poor sleep may lead to waking up tired, experiencing drowsiness during the day and added difficulty to daily tasks.

If this sounds like you, here are a few easy lifestyle changes.


1 - Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine is a stimulate with a half-life of 5 hours.  When you have a cup of coffee at 3 pm, by 8 pm, about 50 % of that caffeine is still in your system as you’re trying to unwind. The stimulating effects still influence your body in the evening while you won’t be feeling as wired.

Everyone metabolises caffeine at varying rates, but it would be a good idea to reduce coffee to early morning or entirely if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Alcohol reduces melatonin production that is the hormone our bodies make to help us rest.   Having a drink during the evenings might perhaps not stop you getting to sleep but can influence the quality of the sleep.[1]


2- Manage your stress

Even though it is very hard to measure stress in addition to health impacts it offers, it could make getting to sleep difficult and ruin the quality of your sleep. If you find yourself turning in to bed with a racing mind, search for the cause of your ideas and you might be able to address the issue.

Techniques such as writing down all your valuable thoughts before going to sleep and putting aside a few momemts for meditation before you sleep are simple methods to help manage nighttime anxiety and stress.


3 - Don't engage in intensive exercise in the evening.

Prior to sleep you need to be as relaxed as you possibly can, which means that avoiding stimulating activities. For a few people, participating in night time exercise, can make getting to fall asleep difficult, as it does take time for the adrenaline to wear off, heart rate to come down, and body temperature to normalise. Rather exercise earlier on within the day to see the huge benefits exercise has on sleeping. Ideally, you would give yourself a couple of hours of unstimulated time and energy to wind down completely before bedtime.


4 - Get enough magnesium

Magnesium has been linked to overall improved sleep.2 Most of the population is deficient in one of the most important minerals for human health, so there is no surprise so many people struggle to sleep well. A few of the benefits of Magnesium are its ability to help our muscles relax giving a calming feeling, as well as decreases cortisol and improve melatonin production.3 If you’re magnesium deficient, a well-absorbed magnesium supplement to take in the evening with dinner may well improve your ability to sleep.


5 - Go to bed earlier

Research indicates the hours of sleep before midnight to function as the most beneficial with regards to an excellent night sleep. Try to adjust your sleep pattern one hour or two earlier due to the fact time when first hitting the hay is much more important as compared to total hours of sleep achieved.  If you’re feeling groggy upon getting up, try sleep the exact same period of time but go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.4


Completely changing your everyday habits may take a while however, if sleep is a problem for your needs, look to implement some of these changes. It could be small steps such as for instance giving up your 3 pm cup of coffee, adding ten full minutes of meditation into your day, going to the gym the morning instead of the evening or perhaps dealing with bed 30 min sooner than before. All changes can add up to acquire the good night’s sleep you’ve dreamed of experiencing. 


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