4 Types of Face Rollers


Face rollers are the new on-going trend in the beauty industry. Every year there is a new product that takes over the market. Well this year, it is the face rollers that are designed to provide multiple functions to the users. There are so many benefits to using face rollers. They’re known to remove toxins from your skin, smooth lines, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and decrease dark circles and bags under the eyes and so much more. Face rollers can even ease the tension of headaches, reduce inflammation, brighten skin, and decrease breakouts.

As you can see, the list goes on and on. However, there isn’t one face roller that can do it all. There are a variety of facial rollers available in the market that you can invest in varying from brand to brand and function to function. So before you jump into buying the perfect face rollers to get that flawless and smooth looking skin, make sure that you read through the four major types of rollers below to figure out which one would be best suited for your skin.


The most popular face roller and the most commonly used face roller is one made of stone. If you’re new to facial rollers than this is a good place to start! There are many benefits to using a facial roller made of stone such as reduced inflammation, increase circulation, and improved skin elasticity. Stone rollers are also known for their spiritual healing properties, but it depends on the type of stone you get for your roller. Each stone is smoothed out and meant to be massaged over the face. Here are the most common stone types you can find for a facial roller:

-Rose quartz


The hexagon roller is one that typically isn’t seen as much as the others, but that doesn’t mean its impact should be underestimated. It’s an innovative beauty tool for the face featuring a hexagon shape. The face roller has 24 stones on it that gently massage the face while also providing spiritual healing powers. It’s known to energize, enhance, revive, and uplift your skin. This is a good option for you if you’re looking for a facial roller with more reach than a smooth stone roller but still gentle.


This roller is smaller than the rest and made up of hundreds of mini needles that gently massage the skin when rolled over the face. The mini needles are used to poke mini holes into the skin which promotes increases in collagen production which results in tighter, plumper looking skin. The tool is intimidating but completely painless. Using a derma roller in your daily beauty routine can help with acne, reducing fine lines, and evening out skin tone. It needs to be used properly in order to be effective so be sure to read the instructions.


Micro-needling is a phenomenon that isn’t new to the beauty industry. There are multiple derma related procedures that involve micro-needling so there is no surprise that micro-needle facial roller is also one of the most popular facial rollers used. Like the derma roller, this facial roller is covered in tiny needles that range .01-.02 millimeters. This facial roller is meant to increase the absorption of skincare products and to increase the production of collagen. It helps smooth skin tissue and define skin tone. This is the facial roller for you if you are looking for something to help reduce the appearance of scars related to acne, wounds, and aging. As well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles and large pores. 

Final Words

Face rollers are the new best friend of beauty bloggers and fashion divas these days. Every fashion diva and makeup guru is reviewing facial rollers from different brands to give their followers the best product in the market. They are designed to provide you with smooth and relaxing skin before you apply your makeup and even after it as well.

They are being termed as one of the most essential products for your daily skincare routine. So what are you waiting for? Choose the roller that you think will best suit your needs and invest in it to get flawless-looking skin all day long.

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