4 Tips for Finding the Best Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and Fall Attorney
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A slip and fall can have its consequences, ranging from the minor embarrassment of the fall to severe body injuries that can transform one's life. And afterward, the legal battle may appear really daunting. That is why the experience and reputation of a lawyer are important. 

There's quite a lot of balance here: how well your case may proceed and what's going to be the outcome in relation to your lawsuit. And that's literally a difference a great attorney can make. Below are top tips to help you find the right slips and falls attorneys.

1. Understand Your Legal Needs Clearly

When you go out looking for a slip and fall attorney, you have to know some details about your case first. Each and every incident involving slipping and falling is so different, as they involve so many elements. For example, of where the accident happened, what caused it, and who could be responsible for it. Knowing these details can help you identify an attorney who specializes in cases similar to yours.

For instance, if you slip and fall on a wet floor in the shopping mall, make an appointment with that attorney who has successfully dealt with premises liability claims. It is exactly this focus that demonstrates they actually are able to understand minute differences, which can really make all the difference in bringing a case to a favorable close.

2. Research Attorneys with Specialized Experience 

The moment you have an idea of what kind of expertise your case would require, that's the time to look for attorneys who specialize in slip and fall cases. You can begin on the web with the help of the websites of local law firms. Then you may review profiles of attorneys, looking to see previous case results.

Most important of all, you will be looking for information regarding their education, the years they have been in practice, and information on their success rate with slip-and-fall cases. When you're speaking with a would-be attorney in a slip-and-fall case—perhaps over the phone—don't be inhibited; ask for some examples of their work or even references. A good slip and fall attorney should not be cagey about his or her track record but, in fact, should be able to illustrate how they have handled cases similar to the one you bring to him or her.

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3. Check Reviews and Testimonials

Reading reviews and testimonials from past clients are a good indication of the reliability and quality of service by the slip and fall attorney. Many slip and fall attorneys have reviews on their own websites, but you should also check independent review sites and maybe even social media for more candid feedback.

However, those reviews have to be read with caution: what one person will perceive or experience does not reflect what the next will. Look for patterns instead. For example, in case many clients praise an attorney for being thorough, communicative, and effective, most likely, they are a highly reputable person.

4. Schedule Consultations to Find the Right Fit 

Once you are armed with a shortlist of potential lawyers, set up appointments with them. Most offer free consultation at the first appointment. This will be your time to discuss details about the case and to see if his or her style meshes with your comfort level.

Listen to the way the attorney talks as you speak with him or her. Are they clear and straight to the point? Do they really seem interested in your case? You should like the way your case will be presented and feel that your attorney will represent you well. Also, understand their billing structures—the way they levy their charges. It’s important that their terms are clear from the start.


It is going to require a bit of work on your part to get the right slip and fall attorney. The time that is spent doing this will however be time well spent. With the right attorney, everything relating to your case should run a lot smoother, as he or she will do what is necessary to ensure that you receive the best possible result. 

With the above helpful tips, you are now better placed to choose a lawyer who will be of the best help, ensuring that the damages suffered from your slip and fall are well compensated.

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