11 Low Entry Business Ideas To Make Money [With Examples]

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Discovering a low entry business idea is perhaps one of the most difficult things you can ever find. A low entry business idea will help you get started immediately, instead of going through the whole process of finding, starting and doing a real business. 

A more serious business idea, on the other hand, can take years. To learn the skills and develop the idea. You will find that most people struggle for years to develop something meaningful that makes money, not knowing where it went all wrong. 

We don’t want you to go through this hard journey. Therefore we have created a list of 11 low entry and cool business ideas you can implement immediately. And these are not just any old business ideas. 

They have helped many people generate a solid monthly income. 


Here are the 11 low entry business ideas you can implement today:

1. Researcher 

Many business owners, writers, or authors may not have enough time to do research and they will often outsource this to someone who can do this for them. With simple search, organizing and research skills, you can create your own business and earn a living from it. Yes, it’s true.


Example: Jolene Davies is the founder of In the Know With Jo, a leading and highly successful research and consulting company.


2. Content marketer/writer 

As the use of video marketing continues to get more popular, the use of written content still remains the most popular and effective tool for marketing online. Demand for content is probably always going to be there. If you have basic writing skills, you can make a decent income by doing small writing or content marketing projects for companies looking to maintain or manage their blogs or online profile.


3. Wedding photography 

Many couples who wish to get married are looking for talented photographers. But may want to pay less to an amateur photographer who does a good enough job. In most cases, it offers a great chance to make some good money for little hours of work.

Example: Jen Wojcik has created a successful wedding photography business with an impressive list of clients and an outstanding portfolio.


4. Virtual assistant 

The Virtual assistant is mostly hired by more than busy people in administrative leadership positions. And can help them manage, delegate and organize Email, Blog and social media, and travel arrangements. It can be a great way to earn money.

Example: Hannah Obrien is a successful virtual assistant and runs a very strong business in this particular area. Google her.


5. Personal care and beauty products 

This is a very special opportunity that allows you to sell personal beauty products to help women feel and look better anytime.

Example: Kelsey Hunt is the owner of Clean Pits Co, a company that sells natural deodorant products for both men and women.


6. Health and wellness support

This is an idea that work best for people who have good people skills. As it is a task that involves moving people towards a happier improved life, very similar to life coaching.

Examples: Aimee Pasek is the founder of Be Strong Peaceful, a company that offers wellness support including yoga through an online platform as well as a brick and mortar studio.


7. Career coaching 

Landing a great job is not that easy. Some people prefer to hire an expert to help them with this process. If you know your way around getting jobs, then you can make good money helping people find the right job and career.

Example: Kate Ostrem is the founder of 9 Open Doors, a website that helps people to thrive in their careers and make the most out of them.


8. Blogging 

Bloggers have for many years delivered free content to their audiences, in a wide range of topics. Whether its fashion, art, marketing or any other area, there is always a blog dedicated towards a selected audience. Bloggers can monetize their blogs by selling or advertising products to the audience or the following they have managed to develop over the years. Alternatively, you can connect with a blogger to help them market it.


Example: Dana and John Shultz and their blog Minimalist Baker have managed to create a good business behind their following online.


9. Video production and creation 

Videos are becoming the next big thing. Videos are now finding practical applications in sales, marketing and education.  Video production is therefore one area you can make money and even in the future. Demand for these videos will just continue to grow. It’s relatively easy to learn how to create and publish a video.

Example: Chris Johnson of Simplifilm has built a successful video creation and production business and makes a living doing this on a full-time basis.


10. Ghostwriting  

A ghost writer simply produces writing meant to be published under another person’s name. If you possess solid writing skills then Ghost writing is a very good way of earning money. 

Example: Kevin T Johns is a ghostwriter and he has developed a strong business, writing on behalf of other people.


11. Digital Scrapbooking Teacher 

The idea here is simply to teach people how to create digital scrapbooks. Wondering if there is a market for it? Rest assured that there are a whole generation of people ready to pay for this service.

Example: Cassel is the founder of Scrapbook Campus, a successful business that helps people to create digital scrapbooks.


If you want more information, DreamMaker offers a list of 51 great business ideas to make money here.



If you want to have your own business without investing years of time and money. This list suggest ways to start a low entry business to make money fast.

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