10 Ways to Immediately Start Selling Kitchen Equipment for Restaurant

10 Ways to Immediately Start Selling Kitchen Equipment for Restaurant

1) Keep Equipment Clean

The basic rule of selling anything, especially kitchen equipment is to keep the restaurant kitchen equipment clean at all times. Nobody would want to buy equipment that is covered in dust or grime. Unclean equipment will only drive prospective clients away. 

2) Keep Warranty Papers Ready

Warranty cards and papers are as important as the kitchen equipment itself. Keeping these in a safe and easily accessible place allows you to quicken the selling process. This also helps the buyer trust you more as a seller.

3) Equipment Manual

Keep the manuals and ‘how to use’ booklets readily available to you so that buyers can have a look at them when they come to see the equipment.

4) Check the Safety of the Equipment

Make sure that all the equipment that you have stocked up adheres to prescribed safety standards. This not only increases your credibility as a seller but also reduces your liability as the equipment already meets adequate safety standards. Buyers would be more inclined to buy commercial kitchen equipment from a seller who has equipment that lives up to safety standards as it helps them ward off unwanted accidents.

5) Get in Touch with Restaurants Directly

You could get in touch with restaurant owners directly to sell kitchen equipment to them. Firstly, you would have to understand the restaurant’s requirements before you start pitching for the equipment. For example, a tandoor may be of no use to a restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine but would be very useful at a restaurant that serves North Indian food. Evaluating the needs of the restaurant can help you pitch to the right clients at the right time. Understanding the needs of the restaurant according to restaurant type makes your job of selling restaurant equipment much easier and less time-consuming.

6) Restaurant Brokers

Approaching restaurants directly may not be easy for everyone and that’s when restaurant brokers step in. Selling restaurant kitchen equipment through restaurant brokers can get you the best prices for the equipment but you would have to shell out brokerage fees to them. Hence, it totally depends on your networking abilities and the time you want to allocate to the selling process.

7) User-Friendly Equipment

Restaurant owners would be keen on buying kitchen equipment for their restaurants that are easy to operate and use. The primary motive behind buying kitchen equipment for restaurants is that they help in reducing human effort and contribute to the business by yielding a good return on investment. Try and stock restaurant kitchen equipment that is easy to use and not too bulky. The benefit of this will be that both, small and large restaurants will be more inclined to invest in such equipment which in turn, would increase your sales.

8) Energy Efficient Equipment

Try and ensure that the equipment you are selling is energy efficient. Such equipment eats up less energy and thus, electricity bills do not shoot up making this equipment more preferred among buyers and restaurant owners. 

9) Quality and Material

Commercial kitchens require equipment that can be used for years at a stretch. Adhere to standard grades and good quality standards in the products that are up for sale so as to ensure you’re selling top-quality products to clients. Restaurant kitchen equipment should ideally be made of stainless steel, which makes it corrosion-resistant while also preventing it from discoloration, giving it a longer life.

10) Give Demonstrations to Clients

Buying kitchen equipment for restaurants can be a huge investment. Clients and restaurant owners would always prefer buying equipment that they’ve checked thoroughly. The best way to check equipment is to see a live demonstration of how it works. Keep some pieces uncovered and clean so that you can show them to potential buyers and increase their chances of buying the equipment from you.


There are absolutely no shortcuts to increasing sales overnight but the above pointers would definitely help you move closer to your goal.

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