10 Creative Things to do with you Partner – Valentine’s Day Ideas 2020


We all know Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, but if you have been with your partner for a while, or not – it’s the perfect excuse to explore different ideas of things to do instead of just going on a traditional dinner date.

If you’re not sure what to do... I have compiled a list of activities of things to do for Valentine’s Day 2020. Try one (or multiple) of these cute Valentine’s Day date ideas with your significant other to feel all the love.

1. Take a Hike

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Whether it’s cold or warm where you live, taking a scenic hike is a great way to unwind this Valentine’s Day. Whatever the case may be, you’re bound to have a fun time since you’re with great company.

2. Make a Scrapbook of Your Relationship

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Even if you and your partner aren’t the arts and crafts type; this is such a fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Gather up photos of the two of you, movie tickets, and meaningful receipts. It will make a beautiful book that you will both treasure!

3. Bake Something

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Yes, going out to eat is the way most people spend Valentine’s Day…. but have you considered ordering food at home and then baking desert together? Baking is a great way to spend one on one time with your significant other while having fun in the kitchen. Extra points for anything heart-shaped, of course.

4. (Second) First Date

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Throw it back to when you first fell in love and take your significant on a recreation of your first date. You could even wear the same outfit and order the same food and drinks as you did on that memorable night.

5. Exchange Gifts

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I know, February 14th doesn’t have to be entirely about presents but it is nice to have a gift.

Here are some romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her!


  • Tickets to His Favorite Sports Game – he will love you forever.
  • A New watch
  • Wallet – if he has a wallet he likes he’s more likely to use it (a good thing for you!)
  • His Favorite Candy


  • Roses (duh)
  • Chocolate – you can never go wrong
  • Casual Comfortable Shoes
  • Teddy Bear
  • Personalized Necklace – get her a necklace with her name or initials... or for an even more romantic idea put your initials/name on it!

6. Make a Heart-Shaped Pizza

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Food is synonymous with Valentine’s Day – but making a basic ole pizza into a heart shape will taste that much better when you’re eating it with someone you love.

7. Plan a Future Vacation

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Research and plan a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go together. Drive to a nearby city or fly to a different state or country. It doesn’t have to be realistic. Plan now and save up. It will mean that much more to you when the time finally comes.

8. Decorate Your Room with Heart Shaped Balloons and Roses

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Nothing says “I love you” like a million balloons and rose pedals. Get cozy and rewatch a movie that you both love. Don’t forget the candles!

9. Picnic and Star Gaze

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Take a drive into the country, park your car, have a picnic and stare at the stars. Do your research ahead of time and print out a map of the constellations to search for. There’s nothing better than having complete alone time with your significant other. This one is for sure the one to choose if that’s what you’re looking for. How much more alone can you be than by yourselves in the middle of a field?

10. Cake Wars – Valentine’s Day Style

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Most couples I know are extremely competitive toward each other. This highly entertaining activity will be so fun for the two of you! If you’re really into it - consult the Food Network or a cake decorating blog. Then post the results on your social media and have your followers vote on a winner!!

So, what do you think? What do you plan to do with your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Don’t stress about making extravagant plans this year. Simply choose a fun activity from the list.

Whatever you choose to do you are guaranteed to have a good time – because you’ll be spending it with someone you love.

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