10 Amazing Wall Decoration Ideas

10 Amazing Wall Decoration Ideas

There was a time when people used to have only limited wall decoration ideas and there was nothing much that they could do in order to make their room walls look attractive. But things have changed now and it is completely the opposite as you now have hundreds of ideas of how you can decorate the walls of your room. You have so many ideas that you can decorate the walls according to the size of your room or according to the color code of your room and other different things as well. This is one reason why people now prefer to change their wall art again and again as there are different types of designs available.

Previously it only used to be the color paint on the wall where you could mix two or three colors to form a design. But that is not the case as now you have different wallpapers, wooden wall art, canvas wall, custom canvas wall art, and other different designs that just keep you glued to your wall. You can design it according to your own personal requirements as you now have that much liberty with the availability of new wall design and wall decoration ideas. We will now take you through some of the most amazing wall decoration ideas which will help you to make your wall even more interesting and attractive.

1). Use of Wallpaper

Wallpaper was used only to cover the walls of your room and nothing else but now you can use the wallpaper for different creative features. You can create your own pattern and colors with the help of wallpapers. One basic thing to do is to cover one of your walls with wallpaper and leave the rest of them. It is advised that the wall that should have the wallpaper is the one behind your bed. Having wallpaper behind is considered to be a focal point for the room as it sets the tone and pattern of your room. Another thing that is quite common and can be done with the use of wallpaper is to cover the ceiling. Yes you might think that it is weird but your ceiling is a wall as well and if you want neutral setting for all your room walls apart from ceiling than this is the best option that you can implement.

2). Creating a Color Palette

This is one thing where you might have to take help of a professional designer if you are looking to set a good color palette for your room. The color palette of your walls will decide how good your room is going to look hence getting help from a professional is not a bad option. However you need to keep certain things in mind when going for a color palette and one of them will be to get inspiration from what you see outside your room. It can be a garden or a pool or anything else. Whatever it is, you have to draw inspiration from that for the color palette. Another thing is important is the color yellow. This particular color reflects lively nature and is very bright. Hence yellow is one color that should always be in your color palette to make your room walls attractive.

3). Gallery Wall Art

There are a lot of people who are interested in clicking pictures of almost every occasion. This is why they have a plethora of pictures which makes it easier for them to have gallery wall art in their room. When you have all such pictures you can create some of the most eye-catching gallery wall art on any of your room wall. In order to make things even more interesting you can have the gallery wall art by means of your life i.e. pictures starting from your school to your college to your marriage and so on. This will show your complete lifecycle that you have spent and will serve as summary of your life. Another thing that you can have for your gallery wall art is to choose some of the best, craziest, and embarrassing photos for your wall art. These pictures can be irrespective of any timeline but the main purpose is to show how you can make your room walls interesting with crazy pictures.

4). Paint Your Walls

You might be quite surprised after reading this because this is something that is quite cliché and is considered to be an old-school thought. But we are here to make it interesting for you and that can be done with the help of some unusual paint style for your wall. This includes painting your entire room walls as an artwork. There are different artworks that you may go for like Mughal artwork, floral design artwork, or any other that you think can go with your personality. But in order to do this thing, make sure that the artwork you are having is something that you are passionate about. If that is not the case then there is no need to go for this particular thing.

5). Color Swatch Wall Art

If you or your children are fan of colorful art then this is the thing that you have been looking for. Having a color swatch wall art is what you need. All you need to do is get some squares of different colors of your choices and frame them on your wall in a sequence. The selection of colors depends totally upon you as to which color do you like. If you are into bright colors that are active and lively you can go for red, yellow, orange, purple, and other similar colors like this. But if you are into colors that are dull or are not lively, then you can go for colors like pink, gray, black, and others. The color swatch will be made from the colors you choose. Also the number of color frames will depend on the size of the wall. If the wall size is big, then there you can have 12-14 frames. But if the color size is small, than 8 frames will be enough.

6). Use Tapestry for your Room

Not many people will have an idea that how good a tapestry can look in your room if you have things that complement it perfectly. If you can find things like the tapestry that you want to use for your wall room then there is no doubt that your room could turn out to be one of the best. A large tapestry should be hanging on one of the wall and the size of the tapestry should be big enough to cover a minimum of ¾ space of the wall. Everything else will be complemented by the other stuff in the house.

7). Wooden Ledge

This might sound to a lot of people as a simple thing to do but it is quite attractive as well. if you want to have something that does not have a lot of colors in it and looks simple and elegant on the wall than wooden ledge is the answer for you. You can get a ledge from one end to another of the wall and on that you can place different items like photo frames, small dishes, money plants, and other stuff. You wall will get a simple and elegant look that you may want.

8). Customized Canvas Prints

These are the latest talk of the town as you can get literally anything printed on the canvas and then have it on your wall. If you are a football fan you can have a football field custom canvas prints or a picture of your favorite player. Similarly if you want to have customized canvas for your own favorite picture you can even have that as well with custom canvas print you have so many options that you often find it confusing which one should be chosen because all the custom prints are those that you like and will suit your wall as well.

9). World Map Wall Art

Another interesting aspect of canvas print is that you can have world map wall art as well on your wall. If you are someone who is interested in travelling and is looking out at the map all the time than this canvas print is for you. You can have it on your wall and then enjoy deciding the next destination that you want to travel that too with all ease. Hence world map wall art is for those who like to travel.

10). Automotive Wall Art

The fan club for cars just keeps on increasing as companies continue to increase their models. Hence going for an automotive wall art that has the canvas print of your favorite car is the thing that you need to do. Boys are usually the ones into automotive and stuff and they will be taking up a huge part in automotive wall art in order to design their room according to their needs.

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