Why You Require a CX Culture to Deliver Effective CX Measurement

Why You Require a CX Culture to Deliver Effective CX Measurement

There is a lot of buzz about Artificial Intelligence (AI) nowadays, especially when you are considering the possibility of using AI in measuring Customer Experience (CX) where this excitement of the CRM vendors seems justified.

Just think of companies like Affectiva (an emotion measurement technology company that grew out of MIT's Media Lab) , which makes us also assume how it would be if we can measure how our customers actually feel about their experience with a brand, that can finally help measure loyalty that matters most to any business in this digitally evolving marketplace.

Now, most companies pay attention to CX by just focusing on metrics, whilst they are not set up with the right culture and hence are meant to be unsuccessful, as CX metrics and its incentives, in reality, begin to get in the path of ushering world-class customer experiences.


Businesses measure in watertight departmental silos, which is an unfortunate situation that produces diminishing experience across customer journeys in an end-to-end circumstance that crosses silos.


CX metrics often signifies short-term wins that are easily quantifiable, but neglect long-term customer goals.

Score Obsession

Employees working in such organizations spend a lot of resource and energy on improving their scores. This is because; it can never reflect a great customer experience for any brand when someone begs their customers for a 10 in their scorecards.
In fact, most often score-obsessed employees become cynical and forego the sense of pride in their work, which can be considered a sure-fire way to kill any possibility to become customer-centric for any company.

Now it has been seen that customer-obsessed organizations embrace metrics differently, which according to Forrester Research states that they use it to drive customer obsession, not on sheer metrics found in their easy to use CRM , and this is how they use them.

Customer-centric companies instead of thinking about metrics as crude-force to achieve better CX, embrace the customer life cycle, create a culture of accountability and power long-term tradeoffs.

Therefore let us take each of these factors in turn and discuss them now:

Embrace the customer life cycle

It must be always remembered that CX metrics must embrace the customer lifecycle and not remain integrally focused and siloed.
This is the reason as to why you need to move past siloed metrics and embrace the customer’s perspective, so that your problem resolution process encompasses all the departments in your organization and not get hindered by each department highlighting on their own separate efficiency goals, since these conflicting goals can lead to longer time-to-resolution for your customers.

Therefore, in order to shorten the resolution time, it is best to assign a common goal across all departments in your organizing, which is especially true for small businesses and startups using all-in-one CRM for small business , which can help achieve a better end-to-end CX.

Power long-term trade-offs

Brands must construct systems that create tradeoffs so that they do not have to look in for short-term goals over the long-term benefits that are found while uplifting customer obsession, such as incremental revenue and increased loyalty of the customers.

To do this your executives should use a balanced scorecard, which is a tool that can help in balancing short and long term customer and financial outcomes with internal processes and employee capabilities.

Hence metrics found in your easy to use CRM in each dimension of the balanced scorecard need to be focused on the goals of customer obsession rather than only on the benefits of your brand and organization.

Create a culture of accountability

To elevate customer obsession, brands cannot stop at the first two trails. Since they also need to make their staffs accountable for delivering world-class CX and enable them with training and other business tools like easy to use CRM software to take care of that accountability.


Therefore to conclude, as a organization using easy to use CRM software for business growth, you need to help your organization to be a leader that inculcates a sense of purpose and provides employees the sense of self-efficacy and autonomy to make them feel motivated, which can help your employees to find and cater the right, ‘customer-obsessed’ decisions, without the need for anyone supervising or looking around.





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